Pitstop II
Copyright/Publisher: Kixx, Epyx, Rerelease Year: 1989,
Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Remember good ol' Stu, ex-Ed of ZZAP!? Well, this was his all-time fave game. It's classic head-to-head, two-player racer with a split-screen view.

Although you can compete solo, 'life can be terribly tame, if you don't play the game with two.' Like Lotus, this is where the game comes into its own with both drivers pushing each other to the limit.

The main hazard is tyre wear, indicated by the changing colour of a strip on each wheel. Damage is worsened by collisions with other cars and the side of the road.

If it gets too much, the tyre explodes and you spin off, out of the race. This fact results in some really aggressive driving as the players try to jump into each other's most vulnerable tyre!

It's all sligtly ironic as my metro suffered from badly worn tyres due to wrongly aligned steering tracking, resulting from a speedy encounter with the kerb while Stu was a petrified passenger!