Power Drift
Copyright/Publisher: Sega/Activision, Programmed & Graphics by: Chris
Butler, Music by: Dave Lowe, Produced by: Neil Jackson & Nick Dawson,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

More of an arcade experience than an authentic racer, Power Drift is hellishly playable. Chris Butler's conversion of the Sega coin-op is a major technical achievement.

The undulating road movement is incredibly smooth with uge (and detailed) side graphics whizzing past at an alarming rate.

It's not exactly realistic - nor is the simple control of your car - but a real rollercoaster ride as your roar round bends and jump up ramps. A total of 25 terrifically turtouos tracks, all containted in a single load, ensures a strong challenge to prolong the instant compulsion.