Racing Destruction Set
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Created By: Rick Koenig & Connie Goldman,
Sound: Dave Warhol, Release Year: 1985, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Still one of the most enjoyable racers around, RDS was really two games in one.

First there were 50 split-screen two-player tracks to choose from (on disk): 19 based on courses from around the world and 31 originals.

If you got bored with these, you could then make use of the second part of the program - building your own track.

This gave you extensive control over the design, with several kinds of slope, ice, dirt, gravity effects, chicanes, jumps and loads of different vehicles - and it was all very easy to put together (if a tad slow at times).

Scalextric aficionados everywhere loved it - and if you can find a copy knocking around, you will too.