Raging Beast (Olé)
Copyright/Publisher: Firebird/Jawx, Sound By: Jim Cuomo,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Raging Beast is the first computer game to simulate the Spaniard's favourite pastime - the controversial and bloody sport of bullfighting. So don your trendy Matadot gear, step into the Corrida and take on the meanest bull in the sport's history - Alfonso the Awesome.

Armed with only with a red towel you must take on an angry, sweaty mass of bovine meat and make him look totally silly by plonking a rosette over his ugly fizzog.

You start in the middle of the arena and Alfonso walks on from the side, breathing heavily and staring angrily at you. Pushing the joystick in the respective direction makes the matador sprint around the arena. When he stops you can make him shake the towel by pressing the fire button and pushing the joystick left - of course this makes Alfonso even angrier and he steams towards you at a vast velocity.

Just before he reches you press fire and push the joystick right to make the matador whip the towel away. Such insults enrage the bull further and he stomps after you with renewed ferocity.

Having successuflly goaded the bull in this fashion, a rosette is bunged into the arena which can be picked up and draped (with difficulty) over Alfonso's horns. If this happens you get your name on the winner's poster and have to tackle an even more angry and peeved Alfonso again.

As yuo can imagine it's not as simple as that and Awesome Alf has some horrbile tricks up his sleeve. For a start if you're not quick enough with the towel he may turn and send you bum over breast with a swift flick of his horns, or he may kick as he passes which bowls you over.

Once you're down the fun starts - Alf dashes in vengefully and, if you don't get up quickly, s tomps all over you which requires a trip to the hospital for treatment and results in the termination of your game. He also sits on you very unprofessionally if he can whcih also has fatal consequences.

Sometimes when you get thrown you fly up into the air and land on the bulls' back giving you the opportunity to ride it. There's a certain technique to riding the bull and staying on its bucking back for a length period really boosts your score.

Throughout the game the kindly El Spikko airlines constantly update your score and write it on the drag flag attached to the back of a tourist packed airliner so you can see it as it hops overhead.

Gary Penn
Raging Beast is a very daft game indeed. The bull is great and really does have character, something I've never seen in a computer game before. Many a time the air turned blue because he decided to sit on me, but such frustration caused me to go back to the game again and again. Love the graphics, adore the gameplay, like the price. Get it.
Julian Rignall
This is a funny game - everything about it is silly, like the bull trying to stomp you into the dirt and when iot does two little stretcher bearers whizz out at speed to wheel you off to El Hospitalo.

The graphics, although small, are fine and the bull is portrayed brilliantly. The sound isn't bad either and it all plays very nicely. It's certainly a difficult task mastering the game and thw hole package is well worth buying.

Gary Liddon
Though an incrediblt stupid game in every way there's some strange quality about Raging Beast that makes it absolutley excellent to play. It's probably because it is so stupid that the game appeals.

The hilarity generated by getting sat upon by a bull is surprisingly large, cries of 'get off me you fat sod' echoed rather loudly around the office when Firebird sent us this one.

Graphically Raging Beast is very good indeed and has some fairly impressive high res screens sitting resident in memory. Though there are some doubts as to how long the fun will last, Raging Beast is worth the paltry few pennies asked.

Firebird do seem to be pulling their act together at the low end of the market, let's hope it continue that way.


Very good indeed. Great title screens and many neat touches.
Although simple in appearance, the main characters are very well animated - especially the bull - and work extremely well.
Good tunes which suit the game.
Immediately addictive, mainly due to the hilarious nature of the game.
Although the initial humour wears a bit thin after a while, it's still tough and fun to play.
Worth every penny.
A highly entertaining piece of software.