RBI 2 - Runs Batted In 2
Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Release Year: 1990,
Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Not only is this a very realistic simulation with all the correct rules, loads of player statistics and 28 authentic teams, it's the most playable baseball game around.

Unlike some other sims, it's not almost impossible to hit the ball. The pitcher-batter confrontation is just about perfect, viewed from behind the large, well-drawn batter. Even with 90mph fastballs, you have enough time to move your batter around the plate, deciding when (and whether) to swing. Time it perfectly and you can hit it out of the ground (to see fireworks and the length of hit).

With an average hit, through, the action switches to an elevated view of the field. Here, the pitching player gets control of the nearest fielder to dive or jump for a catch, or throw the ball to a base. The batter has full control of his runners, advancing any of them to the next base. Don't be too eager though - realism extends to the 'tagging' rule: if the ball is caught, runners must return to their original base.

As with most American sports, baseball involves a fair bit of tactical substitution, and RBI 2 isn't lacking here. Pitchers can be substituted when they tire out (they take a couple of matches to recover); as can any of the batting side (for a big hitter or fast runner).

The icing on the cake is a fabarooni league option (on disk version only) - an entire season can be played, culminating in the World Series. A special code given after each match means there's no need to save your position to disk.

More realistic than World Series, more playable than Hardball, this is the baseball sim that hits a home run every time.