Run The Gauntlet (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Music By: Jonathan Dunn,
Release Year: 1989, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The TV series now has a much better looking presenter Alison Holloway (whoarr! - Rob 'look at those baps' H), but the rereleased game still has Martin Shaw hosting the all-terrain action. As on the telly, four international teams compete on land, water and mud.

There are three, basic types of event. The overhead-view Water Course requires you to steer your vehicle (hovercraft, speedboat, jey ski or inflatable) around some islands in a race against computer opponents and the clock.

Side-on view, flickscreen Off Road racing features buggies, quads and supercats in a race round hilly muddy tracks. Finally, there's overhead-view The Hill, an exhausting assault course requiring fast joystick waggling.

There are also obstacles to jump over and a net to climb. In all event types your progress is impeeded by random explosions and water jets. Points are awarded for the cumulative times for each set of events.

Back in issue 49 the game got a creditable 80%. All three reviewers thought the graphics simple but well animated and effective. Randy appreciated 'fast and hectic' action while Gordo thought the game worked because there's a lot of different things to do.

Indeed, the action is simple but playable (rather like CodeMasters Simulators). Unfortunately the multiload is poor - it would have been better if the event types had been loaded in a set order because as Gordo pointed out, 'You're constantly having to rewind and forward the cassette to find the section you need'.

Still, for a mere three quid you get plenty of variety. The game is more fun with two or more players: even though they can't play simultaneously, the competition makes it so much more interesting.