Smash TV - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: The Hit Squad/Ocean Software Ltd, Conversion By: Probe Software Ltd,
Programmed By: Nick Jones, Graphics By: Lee Ames, Music By: Jeroen Tel,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Now this is definitely my cup of chocky milkshake - loads and loads of violence. It was a huge hit in the arcades, not that I ever played an arcade game; I just used to sit and watch other kids playing while my mum was trying to win at bingo and hoping that they'd be so good they'd walk away leaving a few credits available (It never happens - Ed.)

You play a contestant in the ultimate TV game show. As well as winning holidays in Majorca, two-berh caravans, fondue sets and fluffy toys the aim of the game is simply to stay alive!

To do this you have to wander around and kill anything that comes into the arena before it kills you. You can pick up lethal weapons along the way including bombs, missiles, three-way spray guns and a killing machine that surrounds you in a protective barrier of electronic shurikens.

At the end of each of the three massive levels there's an end-of-level nasty to blast into nothingness. These are much bigger, much meaner and much tougher than the little motorised Ninja machines you meet in the rest of the game - pretty much what end-of-level guardians should be, in fact.

Loads of nasties and tons of fire-power add up to the most violent game ever (except Monopoly when you're losing - Ed). I love it!

Not the sort of game that Mary Whitehouse would appreciate which must be a point in its favour. Another point in its favour is that its absolutely fabulous (which was a great programme by the way).

Buy it and be thankful that Bob Monkhouse or Bruce Forsythe aren't the hosts - though they'd be good as contestants.



Smash TV - you could die taking part, but it's still preferable to being on Catchphrase.