Street Cred Boxing
Copyright/Publisher: Players Premier, Music: Johannes Bjerregaard,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1

A boxing game with a plot! Yuppie breadheads are after Joe's Gym, and you hold sway over the only six boxers capable of fighting them off. To prove you're pugilist pals are men enough to take on the thugs you have to indulge in six rounds of stick waggling to knock the stuffing out of a pucnh bag. Such strenuous exercise gets the player's biceps bulging more than the boxer's, but at least the exercise is doing you good.

Survive and you move on to hitting Yuppie toughs. There's no effective difference between the punches at your disposal, so finishing this stage is more a matter of luck than skill.

If you do muddle your way through, you're faced with another similar level, with different backdrops but equally minimal gameplay.

As boxing games go, quite honestly Brian, this one couldn't really be classed as a contender.