Street Fighter (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Kixx/Capcom/Go!, Coding By: Tiertex Limited,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This Capcom conversion was the subject of one of those infamous ZZAP! cock-ups when it was reviewed in Issue 40. The reviewers didn't realise that Street Fighter actually comprises two versions of the game: the British and US.

Although different in appearance and play, both versions involve fighting opponents in various international settings. As oriental karate expert, Ryu, you start your world trip in Japan where two opponents must be defeated before flying off to the next of the five locations. Alternatively, you can fight a 'friend' in two-player mode.

Bouts consist of three rounds which can be won either by reducing the opponent's energy bar to zero, or having the most energy when time runs out.

If you think that getting two different versions is amazing value for money, forget it. Even at the new budget price Street Fighter isn't really worth it. The British version features incredibly blocky graphics and very unresponsive controls.

Although the American game is better presented with smaller, more detailed sprites, it too suffers from poor responsiveness. And on both versions it's too easy to win by using the same move over and over again.

The only consolation is the fun two player mode. Otherwise this is a poor conversion of the coin-op - there are far better beat-'em-ups already out on budget.