Summer Olympiad
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft, Programming: I.Davison & M.Hedley,
Graphics: M.Landreth, Music: Ian Crabtree & Wally Beben,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number of Players: 1 to 6

Far better than its winter counterpart, this contains five playable events. The Skeet Shooting is my personal fave.

A lot more sophisticated (and harder) than its Hypersports counterpart, it has you aiming your twin barrels at the quick-flying skeets from seven different positions.

Hurdles, on the other hand, is a bit disappointing. You waggle to make your man run faster, pressing fire to jump the hurdles, but you blokes doesn't seem to respond very accurately to your movements (if at all, at times!).

Triple Jump is a bit better, featuring more waggling and a solitary fire-button press to set the jump angle.

Diving is good fun with your lanky bloke performing loads of impressive spins and somersaults from the high board.

Finally, Fencing plays well too but sadly doesn't permit two players to fight each other.

Taking a slightly different angle to most of the events, Summer Olympiad is now available with Winter Olympiad on MicroValue's budget Olympiad Collection (see last ish).