Super Cars
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin Graphics/Magnetic Fields, Music By: Ben Daglish,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

After the Lotus Esprit, how about a Taraco Interceptor, Vaug Interceptor or Retron Parsec? These are the three basic speed machines available in the Super Cars tournament.

There are also nine race tracks which can be entered in any order, although after each race difficulty increases. If you finish a race in the top three you get loadsa dosh and the chance to enter another race.

Complete all nine tracks and you progress to the next level with tougher opponents and more hazards. As the money accumulates you can visit the garage and buy extras such as Power Steering (tighter turning), Turbo Charger (faster acceleration), High Speed Kit, Brakes, Side Armour (to help ram cars off the road) and a Missile (!).

You can also repair any damage and top up with fuel. And once you're really rolling in dosh how about visiting the showroom for a new car. If you complete a level a password is given allowing you to restart from that level with a new car (if purchased).

This was originally a mediocre Amiga game, and the C64 conversion hasn't done it too many favours. The race graphics boast smooth scrolling, but backgrounds are washed out and the cars crude.

Add-on features improve the playability little, but having said that the car is relatively easy to control and initially it's good fun manoeuvring to make passes. Nevertheless, with so little gameplay variety this soon wears thin.

Yet another overhead-view racer splutters out of the pits. Super Cars is a sort of Hot Rod without the two-player mode, but adding weapons and different cars to buy.

Racing is quite realistic, as the computer cars intelligently try to block your way, requiring skilful manoeuvring to get past. Due to the total lack of variety, though, the game's simple appeal is very short-lived. Not so super.


Garage and salesroom screens, level password and useful statistics at the end of each race.
Okey presentation screens, but in-game graphics are poor.
Okey tune, engine drone and spot FX.
Easy to get into...
...but after a few races most people will have had enough.
Needs turbocharging.