Super Monaco GP
Copyright/Publisher: Kixx/US Gold/Sega Arcade Hits, Arcade Game Created By: Sega,
Programmed By: Grant Harrison, Graphics By: Nick Cooke. Music By: Jeroen Tel
(Maniacs Of Noise), Release Year: 1989, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

I reckon Ian was a tad harsh on this one last ish. It's not brilliant, but still a reasonable and playable conversion of the coin-op.

The presentation is certainly slick - I especially like the bikini-girl loading screen! A neat multiload loads all four tracks in one, once you've selected your transmission (Automatic, 4-Gear or 7-Gear).

A qualifying lap determines your position on the starting grid. Races are highly competitive: you must pass enough cars to reach the ever-decreasing qualifying position limit.

However, watch your rear mirror (nice graphic) for other drivers - defensive weaving is needed to stop them passing.

As Ian noted, the high viewpoins is unrealistic but the 3-D is fast - not surprising as it was developed from the same source code as Turbo Out Run.

The main fault, though, is the lack of challenge, and the long periods with little to do.