Super Scramble Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd/Magnetic Fields,
Programmed by: Shaun Southern, Graphics by: Andrew Morris,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

How dreadful, a game that simulates motor cycle scrambling. If there was ever a waste of time and money it's pootling round on a machine, wasting petrol and trying to get over obstacles that you'd never encounter in a million years of road use.

There are 15 tracks to be completed against the clock, split into five sets of three. You can change up and down gears on your bike as well as performing front and rear wheel wheelies. Using these moves you must traverse hills, crevicies, rocks, stepping stones, even cars. It's more of a trial bike sim' than a scramble one but there you go.

Track number one is a doodle but after that it gets incredibly difficult to gauge the correct speed to approach an obstacle. After the umpteenth 'You went to fast and fell off' message, things can get a bit frustrating.

For the 'hard' gamer there's enough playability and polish here to make you glad you spend those few pounds. Mind you, if you're really keen on a Scramble dirt-bike game try tracking down Kik Start or Kik Start 2 on the Mastertronic budget lable, you might be glad you did!


Not for the faint hearted. The graphics are big and well defined and the different courses provide huge variety. I suspect it's just too flippin' hard for the majority of gamesters, though.
Once you get the hang of the controls this is dead good fun. Lift the front wheel, bunny-hop the back wheel then hit the tree.