Superstar Ping Pong
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape, Release Year: 1986,
Genre: Table Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The second simulation of the noble art of Ping Pong, or 'Table Tennis' as Ping Pong players like to call it, thunders onto the software scene. The program looks and plays similarly to Imagine's Ping Pong but has more options.

Either one player can tackle a computer controlled player, or two humans can bash it out together. The whole game is played abiding to the laws of the real thing, and the first person to 21 wins.

The table is displayed in 3D, with the net either splitting the screen horizontally or vertically down the middle (depending on which way up you want it). Hitting the ball is simple - all you have to do is press fire when it is in the bat's vicinity. Hitting the ball 'late' or 'early' retunrs it at different angles.

Upon loading the player is presented with a serires of option screens where the number of players, play perspective, bat control (computer guided or manual) and the game speed can all be changed. If you select auto-bat control, then the computer does its best to track the ball and make sure that your bat is behind it. Manual control gives you complete control over the bat and allows you to do whatever you want to do with it (within the limitations of the program).

The second menu allows you to distribute power points to your various strengths. Initially the player is given twelve points, with two points allocated for each of the bat's six functions (forehand, backhand, smash, etc), but these power points can be increased to twenty and re-allocated. The final menu allows you to choose whether a change of sides takes place after each players has served. The colour of the bats and the number of games needed to win the contest can also be altered. Once that's all settled, the game can get underway...

Julian Rignall
Great!! I thought this might be the same as Imagine's effort but it's far better. Loads of options, great graphics and plenty of variety in its playability make it a fabbo little sports sim. I enjoyed playing this and strongly recommend you go and give it a whirl, especially if you liked the first Ping Pong game.
Gary Penn
This is certainly a lot better then Imagine's official Ping Pong, even though the ball movement isn't as realistic. There's a greater variety of shots and useful options, which makes the game much more interesting and enjoyable to play. The music is rather poor, but it's no reason to disregard a good game. If you liked Ping Pong, then you'll love this.


Good instructions, extensive options and two ways of playing the game.
Smooth bats and ball, and the table is nicely drawn.
Simple, unimpressive title screen ditty, and similar sounding jingles during the game.
Dead simple to get into. Dead hard to beat.
Plenty of options give variety and inspire you to keep playing.
The potential of a Ping Pong game has at last been realised.
A great and addictive sports simulation.