Super Stock Car
Copyright/Publisher: Virgin Games Ltd, Music By: Reyn Ouwehand/MoN,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Well, this is embarrassing. I mean this is the bit of the review which extracts all the useful information from the instructions and presents it for your entertainment and enlightenment. But Super Stock Car comes with instructions for another game!

A choice of four cars, a track designer and weapons such as cannon and mines are all things you won't find in Super Stock Car.

What you will find is an overhead-view Super Sprint-style race game. Your car has to come first after a varying number of laps of a scrolling track in competition with three other cars. And that's about it really. We've been through the six not very different circuits, but after a few goes we understood why Mastertronic wrote about a different game - this one is extremely boring.

The graphics are nice enough, the sound isn't bad, but gameplay is very, very repetitive. Extremely repetitive, in fact. The only thing that changes is the colour and layout of the track - no bridges or jumps or anything to add variety. And the instructions are a pack of fibs. Avoid.