Super Sunday
Copyright/Publisher: Microcomputer Games Inc, The Avalon Hill Game Company, Designed By:
Quest Inc., Rulebook: Bruce Shelley, Art Direction: William E.Peschel, Software Director: Alan
Roireau, Prep. Dept. Coordinator: Phyllis Opolko, Camera. Dept. Coordinator: Elaine Adkins,
Typesetting: Colonial Composition, Printing: Monarch Services, Inc., Cover Art: Jim Talbot,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 0 to 2

My idea of a super Sunday is having a lie-in till lunchtime, scoffing a whole roast lamb, then having an afternoon nap till teatime! But come the real Superbowl Sunday, I need sustenance on tap to stay up till small hours watching the spectacular culmination of the NFL season.

Superbowl Sunday's showing its age a bit now, but it's still worthwhile if you enjoy the tactical side of gridiron. This is a pure strategy game (based on an Avalon Hill boardgame) with the action played out automatically after play selection.

The latter extends to choosing a formation and runner/receiver on offence; 12 special set-ups on defence (including dime back, blitzing of linebackers and man-to-man coverage on various offensive players).

With the crude graphics and lack of arcade action, this tactical depth saves Super Sunday from being a duffer. Interest is boosted by the ability to play authentic Superbowl finalists (a total of 40 teams) against each other.