Test Drive II - The Duel
Copyright/Publisher: Hit Squad/Accolade, Designer: Distinctive Software, inc., Programmed by:
Kris Hatlelid & Kevin Pickell, Producer: Selley Day, Tests: Pam Levins, Art By:
John Boechler & Theresa Henry, Music: Kris Hatlelid, Manual: Jeff Hoff,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Yet more vroom, this time in real cars meant for real roads, with police cars and even ore terrifying than that, other cars coming speeding towards you in the opposite direction. (I wonder when they're going to bring out a racing game based on the new Orion L Popular Plus for the C64?) Porsche versus Ferrari, the endless challenge for supremacy amongst the super cares rages on.

The Duel is option city - you can chose which one of the super speedy cars you want to take for the ride of a lifetime. There are 12 levels of skill: the first four give you automatic gears, the rest you have to change up and down with the fire button.

There's also a fast mode, you can drive faster than the speed of light but there is a loss of detail. The in-game music can get rather annoying after a while so it's a good job that hitting the Q key toggles the twee tune on and off.

Of course, the real high-speed, super-thrill feel of motor racing could never be transferred fully to the computer screen but if you want the to try and get the feel of road racing rather than staying safely to the grand prix tracks The Duel is the game for you.

There's even a radar detector in the sun visor which comes in very useful when the cops are on your tail. (That sounds like it could be useful - Ed.). If the light flashes and you hear a few beeps then the cops are just round the corner, at which point it's up to you to decide - do you try and outrun the cops or stop and get yourself a speeding ticket?

The Duel is great fun, especially when you crash into the back of police cars - your windscreen shatters before your eyes. If only I had one of those vibrating chairs.


Fab stuff. If it was a choice between buying this and going to one of Veronica's pyjama parties I know which one I'd choose.
The grey Porsche or the red Ferrari What a decision. I'll take the black XJ220 please. Ooops, not good. Steer clear of the cop cars.