Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Music: Matt Furniss,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Two of the coolest tube-dudes around, Bif and Jet have set out down the river in two big tyres, searching for a party! In between this and them are some of the wildest, craziest and nastiest stretches of water around, and they've not even been privatised.

Appearing on the river banks are Indians, irate fisherman, penguins, bottle-toting drunks, mad arabs, hillbillies, Sphinx, skulls, and many another totally uncool squares who throw various objects at the heroes.

The water itself is full of tube-bursting things like torpedoes, sewer slime, and twigs and branches. Bif and Jet are armed up with cans of beer to throw at anything that comes at them.

But how can they throw them with all that beer inside the cans? Simple, drink it first!!! Extra cans can be picked up along with bonus points and letters to make up the word TOOBIN for a BIG bonus.

If Bif and Jet take too long to go down river, a croc surfaces and bursts the tube to convince them to get a move on. Paddling through gates temporarily keeps old green skin away.

As the watery roads get trickier to negotiate, Bif and Jet have to fend off even weirder opponents as they paddle down the Amazon, smelly sewers, the Colorado river, Martian canals, and descend down the Styx. Must be one hell of a party at the end!!!

One of the strangest coin-ops around has been converted fairly well to both machines. The 64 version is the better of the two with some good graphics - I love the way Bif and Jet paddle like mad while trying to evade crocodiles etc.

The Amiga game is less impressive with bland use of colour and slower rate of play. However, both versions suffer from an eventual repetitiveness as all levels are much the same to play, varying only graphically.

On the 64, Teque have done a good jon capturing the humour of the coin-op, with humorous and fast graphics. The simplistic gameplay is very well recreated.

The Amiga version isn't as fast and as such is a little less enjoyable. Although the graphics have a good deal of variety about them, the typically superb detail of the Tengen coin-op is sadly lacking, the levels look similar in layout, and it can get boring after a while.

It's also strange how the game's colours all look washed out. The music's quite good on both versions but overall don't expect anything outstanding.


Four continue-plays, simultaneous two-player option, no multi-load!
Humourous but maybe lacking detail.
Unsophisticated but cheerful tunes.
Inevitably works better with two players, but it's fast and great fun to play.
There's only 8 levels (repeated in mixed order) but the enemy sprites change each time and there's a different route to be taken.
A decent conversion of the off-beat coin-op with the main ingredients of fun and playability kept intact.