Track and Field
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Arcade: Konami/Centuri,
Release Year: 1987, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

The classic Konami arcade game, Track and Field, at last arrives on the Commodore. There are six events: 100m sprint, long jump, javelin, 110m hurdles, hammer throw, and high jump.

The first event requires the player to waggle the joystick form left to right. The faster the stick is waggled, the better the runner's performance. Both the long jump and javelin require similar tactics, but fire is pressed at the 'scratch' line to jupm or release the javelin. The longer the button is depressed, the higher the jump or throw.

The hurdles is another waggler, with fire used to jum. The hammer is a test of timing, where the thrower spins and is stopped to send the hammer flying up the field. Finally, the high jump tests precision, and the player uses fire to guide the athlete safely over the jump.

Julian Rignall
I was a great fan of Track and Field when it hit the arcades a few years ago, and this extremely accurate conversion gave me plenty to reminisce about. The gameplay, like all wagglers, is highly enjoyable and provides a lof of fun.

The big problem is the 9 price tage - it's much too high for an old game like this, especially as the far superior Decathlon is available for 7 less.

It may be a little too easy to criticise Konami for this one, but they've ceratinly missed the boath with their 'official' version of Track and Field.

It must be admitted that the game is enjoyable, but to be honest I'd much sooner spend money on Firebird's Decathlon or Americana's Go For The Gold, which both offer more events and variety for over five pounds less.


One to four player options, practice mode and level select.
Fairly close to the arcade original, but comparatively poor by today's standards.
Again close to the original, with some reasonable jingles.
Still very addictive and playable, especially when two players participate.
Although repetitive, it's the sort of game that always provides a laugh when played.
Playable, but far, far too expensive for what's on offer.