Tunnel Vision
Copyright/Publisher: Rack It/Hewson, Created By: Graham Blighe,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Future sports seem in vogue this month, and Tunnel Vision continues the trend. Set in space, the game takes two players on a head-to-head contest in a hologgraphically projected tunnel.

Each player has to find and capture a glowing orb and return it to the goal line. The tunnel forms a continuous loop, and a designer is included allowing circuits to be designed and saved out.

Two players may take part, as Tunnel Vision uses a split screen format, similar to Pitstop II (the controls and general feel are uncannily similar, in fact).

The game's simplistic aim is fine, but the already limited amount of action is interspersed with long periods of speeding around the tunnel with little else to do but wait until the orb or the opponent, is encountered.

Once collected, the player must then carry the orb all the way back to the goal - a not entirely awe - inspiring concept. Superb graphics but a definite feeling of pointless - if you fancy a Rack-It game, go for Anarchy.