Turbo Kart Racer
Copyright/Publisher: Players/Interceptor Group, Release Year: 1990,
Programming, Design and Graphics: Paul Black, Music & Sound Effects:
Sonic Graffiti, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

According to Players, kart racing is 'the MOST EXCITING MOTOR SPORT known to man today', which is no doubt why it gets so much coverage on TV! But hype aside, there's thankfully little scenario. The game is basically an overhead-view, multidirectionally scrollinh reace game with a split-screen which makes two-player games possible.

Three karts take part in the race qualification for the next race resting on beating the computer cars. There's various objects littering the track which can be picked up: wrenches allow add-ons such as extra speed, acceleration and so on to be purchased.

Kart scores high for presentation, with two ways of controlling the kart (either rotate and forward to accelerate, or simply push in the direction you want to go), a track demo, a monochromatic 'race complete' screen, practice option, high score table and the option of continuing on the last track you reached.

But what about gameplay? Well, to begin with your tiny kart is tricky to control, resulting in plenty of frustrating crashes. However if you persist, getting to know the tracks and control system, the game opens out into a surprisingly playable little racer.

Later tracks are more sophisticated, stopping the helpful arrows on the road and adding walls which open and close. Add an excellent two-player mode (very useful when the computer players are so tough) and you get a budget bargain!