TV Sports Football
Copyright/Publisher: Cinemaware, Lead programmer: Daniel Lucas, Programmed By:
Craig Seastrom, Graphics by: Ken Hard, Sound Effects By: Jim Simmons, Game Tester:
James Maxwell, Producer: Patrick Cook, Executive Producer: Phyllis & Bob Jacob,
Release Year:1989, Genre: Am.Football, No Of Players: 1-28

This terrific (sadly disk-only) conversion of the legendary Amiga game features typical attention to detail and slick presentation from American sport-sim masters Cinemaware.

There's a full 28-team league, played in exactly the same fashion as the NFL, with six divisions and end-of-season play-offs culminating in the Cinemaware Bowl.

At the start of the season you can even alter each team's player ratings and names, and whether it's computer- controlled - if you've got enough mates you could even have 28 human players competing!

There's also a one/two-player exhibition match and a handy practice option. The latter is very useful for beginners, enabling them to get used to the many offensive formations and plays, and an innovative control system.

Running plays are easy, just press fire to hand the ball to a running back, who you then control, trying to beat defenders on the overhead-view, vertically scrolling pitch.

Passing is slightly more complicated: first you pull back on the joystick to get control of your quarterback, then move left/right to aim the pass, holding down fire for the distance.

It takes a bit of practice as you have to anticipate your receivers' movements (shown by play diagrams) and throw ahead of them. Once you get to grips with it, though, it's a very effective system.

Although on the sluggish side, the action is tactically accurate and you really need your coach's hat on to beat tough computer defences. With the clear overhad view, impressive 3-D field-goal sequence and neat TV-style presentation, it all adds up to the greatest gridiron game around.