Wacky Darts
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Music By: Steve Barrett,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Darts, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Darts is a mug's game, played by fat old fools who have nothing better to do than spend all their money on beer and throw little arrows at a ludicrously small target. A better idea by far is to stick your beer money straight into the building society and play Wacky Darts on your C64 at home.

The 'Wacky' of the title refers to the opponents you have to play. Each one throws an alternative dart at the board. Neville the Barbarian throws axes, Nigel the Ninja throws shurikens while Daniel the Magician conjures lightning bolts, and so on. And if these opponents aren't to your liking you can always play against a friend.

There are two types of game on offer: 501, in which you have to get your score from 501 to zero before the other player and Round The Clock which involves putting an arrow in each segment of the board starting from 20 ane getting right down to 1.

The control method is excellent. Your on-screen hand floats randomly about the screen and you must try to coax it, using the joystick, to the area of the board you wish to hit. It all works rather well and at budget price should prove a real hoot.

Yes I like this. Graphics are amusing and the control method of your throwing hand provides a surprisingly accurate translation of the real game. One of those games you'll keep coming back to whenever you need cheering up.



Your disembodied hand floats ghost-like in front of the dartboard. Control of it is pretty similar to that of a Sainsbury's shopping trolly - crude but effective.