Way Of The Tiger
Copyright/Publisher: KIxx/Gremlin Graphics, Release Year: 1989,
Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Who would train to be a Ninja, eh? The Man in Black in this game has to master three forms of combat to attain his destiny. In the first part of his training he has to enter the desert and use 16 unarmed combat moves to keep away enemies of supernatural strength.

In the next part, out hero has to step onto a slippery pole and protect a magic lake with his Ninja staff - just like some kind of 'It's a Knockout' game (only without Stuart Hall).

Finally, it's time to enter the local temple for the all-corners Samurai chop'em up - sword-fighting, you know? The beat'em up action isn't too bad, but the game is marred by very ropey sprites and a really awful multiload and isn't really worthy of consideration.