World Championship Boxing Manager - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Goliath Games, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1

Okay, let's get the old clichés out of the way, 'know what I mean 'Arry', 'I could've been a contender', and not forgetting the classic Sly Stallone quote, 'huun waan Rocky nuuh'. MARK 'BRAIN-DEAD' CASWELL throws in the towel (and the sponge, and the shower gel).

This game isn't strictly about the noble pugilistic sport of bashing another human's face to a bloody pulp. The player takes up the role of a boxing manager, controlling up to five fighters. As in all management games the player has decisions to make.

In World Championship Boxing Manager you have three locations in which to make them: the Gym, Physio and the Office where the game begins.

A movable cursor highlights the available options. A filing cabinet holds various info on your boxers, a phone puts you in contact with other promoters and a calendar allows you to whizz through the days to the next fight.

Exiting the office door shows you the two other portals. Training's very important so you should send your boys to the Gym as soon as possible. This prepares the boxers for a fight - arranged on the 'dog and bone' with other managers. A trip to the Physio makes sure your boys are fighting fit. Fight night is always on Saturday and, whether your guys are fighting or not, you're invited to the ringside.

Seconds out
If you decide to watch a match, prepare to catch a few ZZZs. This is because the action is represented by a running text commentary. I personally think it's best to skip the match and grab the condensed highlights.

There are ten rounds per match, and between each you can decide which fighting style to use and tend to any wounds your guy has acquired. If a KO isn't achieved within the ten rounds, a judges' decision is sought. And so it goes on until your fighter becomes world champion, and beats the likes of Frank Bruno, Sugar Ray Leonard and Phil 'floats like a steam roller' King.

World Championship Boxing Manager isn't really my cup of proverbial tea. I don't mind some managerial type games but in this one there isn't a great deal to do. Training consists of choosing the amount of days to spend in the Gym, and in the Physio room you can only see the stats on the boxer's health. Not exactly action-packed!

The biggest excitement of the game is the actual boxing match - if you enjoy watching reams of text scroll up the page, that is. Train spotters will probably be the only people who'll buy this game; the rest of us will find watching an episode of Eldorado more rewarding.