Wrestling Superstars
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Written By: Reflective Designs,
Programmed By: Dave Hayes, Graphics By: Jonathan Smyth, Music By:
Gerard Gourley, Release Year: 1993, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Waggling and sports sims - they're pretty much synonymous. Personally I've never understood the attraction. Why should being able to wiggle a joystick from side to side dead fast be considered a sporting feat?

But if waggling is your hang and you've spent years developing a good, strong and very, very fasy technique Wrestling Superstars is the game for you.

There are basically five moves in the game: thump, kick, throw, sit on or (last but not least) run away from your opponent. If your opponent is sitting on you or he's attempting to pick you up for the throw then it's a case of waggle 'til the cows return from their summer hols.

A scale will appear in the bottom left-hand corner. The scale moves down as you waggle ever more furiously to escape your opponent's grasp. Get your yellow line to the floor before his and you'll come out of the scrap better.

The graphics are big and bold and there's plenty of crowd encouragement disguised as a hissing noise. Smort close-ups of the players grimacing as they're knocked into the middle of the next week add to the amusement factor. And the refereee has got to be a relation of Bully form Bullseye.

The waggle meter is a good idea.
The fighters are fairly impressively drawn.

The choice of moves is a bit lightweight.
Naff sound effects.
All that waggling get a bit wearying, and I don't just mean on your wrists.



It Wrestle..sorry, I mean wagglemania time. What'll give first - your opponent your wrist or your joystick?