WWF Wrestlemania
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Music: Sean Conran, Programming, Graphics & Design By:
Twilight, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The cream of wrestling sims will have you creamed in no time! I'm telling you, folks, this is a real joystick melter, 'coz the success of your grappling largely depends on waggling like mad and hammering the fire button too. By the time you've got your opponent held down for a count of three, you're literally dripping with sweat!

You get to play any of three 'goodie' wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior or British Bulldog. In one-player mode you take on five progressively more difficult (but not that difficult) computer wrestlers: Mr Perfect, The Warlord, Million Dollar Man, The Mountie and Sergeant Slaughter.

Each grappler has a special move of his own (eg Sergeant's Camel Clutch!), plus all the usual punches, drop kicks and flying kicks. You can even climb onto the rings pots for a superleap, or battle away outside the ring.

The action really hots up when the wrestlers get into a clinch. A joystick icon below the play area indicates this is the time to waggle like mad to increase your grapple strength - the first player to reach maximum performs his special move.

Get knocked to the canvas and you must hammer the fire button to get to your feet before your opponent pins you down. It's all good clean fun, especially in two-player mode which is a real contest of wills (and joystick endurance!).

All the moves are excellently animated, and the wrestlers even look much like their real-life counterparts. Presentation is as glitzy as the real thing too, with an effective intro (searchlights playing over a crowd), some nice wrestler portraits and the essential pre-match trading of insults!

WWF beats the competition to a pulp. It'll certainly have you grunting and groaning for more - there are few more enjoyable ways to build up your biceps!