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Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Programmed By: Dave Sowerby, Graphics By: David Taylor,
Music By: Andrew Rodger, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The Zeppelin American Tag Team World Wrestling Championship is an awesome display of talent, gymnastics and - judging by the size of the leotards hanging in the changing room - belly. One such behemoth is Combine Harvester, title holder, and full time man mountain. He is currently squeezed uncomfortably into a normal size sofa. The guy is huge! Imagine two body builders superglued together and you have Combine Harvester.

Feeling more like a mouse than a hardened reporter I begin the interview, using all the tact and sensitivity they teach you at journalist school. So Mr Harvester just what is your real name? Larry Tractor? Reggy Lawnmower? Or even Percy Edge Trimmer? It takes a couple of seconds for my quips to register, but then my man mountain turns into a volcano. He grabs me in a Strangle Hold, follows it up with a Half Nelson, spins me round the room and then like a character in a cartoon, throws me through the unopened door leaving my perfect outline behind.

Before slipping into unconsciousness, I make a mental note never to upset an American Tag Team Wrestler ever again ...