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Release as IK+ - International Karate+ in Europe.
Copyright/Publisher: Activision/System 3 Software Ltd, Designed & Written By: Archer Maclean,
Music: Rob Hubbard, Genre: Figthing Sports, Release Year: 1988, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Get Up and Fight Back
It's every man for himself as one or two players square off against each other and the computer. Three of the meanest karate fighters ever punch, kick, and block in over 25 rounds of gut-busting action.

16 different karate blows can be combined for fluid, flawless execution. Back up and block or eat the street.

Crack some skulls. Your reverse face punch comes up empty as a double face kick aims to knock you into next week.

The flying scores big on points and big on bruises. Watch out for the explosive stomach kick on the way down or it'll be payback time.

The last guy standing wins. Deflect ever-increasing waves of deadly balls in the bonus rounds for major points.

A wicked head butt sends one chump flying while the other waits to show you the stars.