Chop N' Drop
Copyright/Publisher: Activision/System 3 Software Ltd, Designed & Written By: Archer Maclean,
Music: Rob Hubbard, Genre: Figthing Sports, Release Year: 1988, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Get Up and Fight Back
It's every man for himself as one or two players square off against each other and the computer. Three of the meanest karate fighters ever punch, kick, and block in over 25 rounds of gut-busting action.

16 different karate blows can be combined for fluid, flawless execution. Back up and block or eat the street.

Crack some skulls. Your reverse face punch comes up empty as a double face kick aims to knock you into next week.

The flying scores big on points and big on bruises. Watch out for the explosive stomach kick on the way down or it'll be payback time.

The last guy standing wins. Deflect ever-increasing waves of deadly balls in the bonus rounds for major points.

A wicked head butt sends one chump flying while the other waits to show you the stars.

Getting Started
Insert the Chop n'Drop disk into the drive, label side up. If you're using a Commodore 128, the game will load automatically when you turn on your computer. If you're using a Commodore 64, type LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN.

For a one-player game, plug a joystick into Port 2. For a two-player game, plug joysticks into both ports. In a two-player, Player One uses the joystick in Port 2 and Player Two uses the joystick in Port 1.

When the game has loaded, a demo will start.

If you encounter any problem while loading, disconnect any peripherals or cartridges from the computer and try again.

To Start Play
For a one-player game, press the fire button to exit from the demo and start play.

For a two-player game, press the fire button on the joystick in Port 1 to exit from the demo and start play.

In a two-player game, Player One controls the white-jacketed fighter and Player Two controls the red-jacketed fighter.

Movement Controls
All moves are excuted with the joystick. Each of the eight joystick positions selects a type of move, and pressing the fire button gives an additional eight. Joystick Alone
[UP] - Jump Up
[UP + RIGHT] - Front Face Punch
[RIGHT] - Walk Forward
[DOWN + RIGHT] - Shin Kick
[DOWN] - Footsweep Kick
[DOWN + LEFT] - Crouching Stomach Punch
[LEFT] - Walk Backwards (or block)
[LEFT + UP] - Reverse Face Punch Turn Around

Joystick with Fire Button Pressed
[UP] - Flying Leap Kick
[UP + RIGHT] - Head Butt
[RIGHT] - Stomach Kick
[DOWN + RIGHT] - High Face Kick
[DOWN] - Reverse Footsweep Kick Turn Around
[DOWN + LEFT] - Back Stop Face Kick Turn Around
[LEFT] - Back Flip
[LEFT + UP] - Double Face Kick

The joystick control changes depending on the direction your fighter is facing. When you are facing to the left, the above moves are reversed on your joystick.

If you select "walk backwards" or "double face kick" when you're being attacked at close range from in front, your fighter will take a defensive blocking posture for the duration of the attack and deflect all kicks to the head, chest, and stomach. Shin kicks and foot sweeps can't be blocked.

Keyboard Options
The following keyboard options are available at any time during the game:

[F1] - One player against two computer players.
[F3] - Two players against one computer player.
[F5] - Toggles music on or off.
[F7] - Toggles sound effects on or off.
[Run/Stop] - Pause. Press again to continue match. [1-5] - Varies speed of play. 1 is fastest, 5 is slowest´, 3 is "normal" speed.

There are two fight rounds, then a bonus round. During a fight round, you get two combat points and a numerical score for successfully hitting an opponent from the front. Scores are determined by the type of blow (see below). Hits from behind score half the amount of a frontal attack. Scores are updated at the top of the screen. A fight round lasts for 30 seconds or until one of the fighters gains six combat points.

Move - Point Value
Front Face Punch - 400
Shin Kick - 400
Foot Sweep - 200
Crouching Stomach Punch - 400
Reverse Face Punch - 400
Flying Kick - 800
Head Butt - 1000
Stomach Kick - 200
Face Kick - 800
Reverse Foot Sweep - 200
Back Step Face Kick - 800
Double Face Kick - 1000

There are many levels of game play. The current level is shown on the screen under LV. Every third level there is a bonus round for the high scorers. If both players are still in contention, each gets a chance to score points in the bonus round. In a two-player game, if one of the players is eliminated in any round, the remaining player continues to play against two computer players. The game is over when the player finishes third in any match.

Computer players continue to improve and adopt different tactics up through level 25. If you wish to restart at level 1 with both players, press F3. An eliminated player cannot rejoin a match in progress.

Bonus Round
In the bonus round, you're given a small shield with which you must deflect the balls that come bouncing towards you. For each deflection you score 100 points, and if you deflect all of the balls, you also get a 5000 point bonus.

In a one-player game, the player's ranking is indicated by belt color. As the player's score increases, his belt ranking changes, moving from White all the way up to Black. Points scored in the bonus rounds count towards Black Belt status. In a two-player game, only the belt ranking of the high-scoring player is indicated.

Hall of Fame
If you score is high enough at the end of the match, you'll be entered in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame scores are not saved permanently to disk.