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Copyright/Publisher: Beam Software/Melbourne House Software, Written By:
Gregg Barnett, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1
Before Horace can get to the ski-slopes he must fetch his skis from a hut on the other side of a busy road. Horace will move in one of four directions according to the keys you press. At the beginning of the game Horace has $40 to spend. If he is knocked down it will cost him $10 in ambulance fees.

After Horace has successfully crossed the road, guide him into the door of the hut where he will fetch his skis. The charge for ski hire is $10. Horace should not enter the ski hut unless he can afford the hire charge. If Horace has spent all his money on ambulance fees, then he can accumulate points and money by crossing the road repeatedly. At every 1000 points boundary, Horace receives a $10 bonus. Horace should not linger on the road longer than necessary since the traffic becomes progressively more conjested as time goes on.