Championship Wrestling
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Created By: Richard Ditton, Elaine Ditton, Timothy Skelly,
David Thiel & Lonnie Ropp, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

And now, we proudly present the Sultans of Slam. The Gurus of Gashes. The Champs of Chokes. The meanest, nastiest, foulest fighters the canvas has ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the guys who use every dirty trick known to man. And a few that aren't.

Smash somebody's face in the comfort of your own home.

Take on any of eight rowdy wrestlers, each with their own way of busting heads. From K.C. Colossus, whose 'trash compactor' turns victims into waste matter, to Prince Vicious, who gets a crush on every opponent. Literally.

Use leg drops, spin kicks, body slams, rope bouncing, a flying drop kick, a suplex, an airplane spin, even the infamous atomic drop to mangle these dudes. You'll need over 200 stitches if you don't.

Knock yourself out trying.

The crowd will chear. They'll boo. They'll egg you on, or simply throw the eggs instead. The scoring will be based on the complexity of your moves and, of course, your strength.

And one day, probably long after your poor battered head resembles an overcooked cabbage, you'll be good enough to win the title. And the coveted Championship Wrestling Belt will be yours.

* Eight frothing fighters to play against. Take the role of your favorite.

* Over 25 bone crushing, face mangling, head pounding moves to enjoy.

* Throw each other out of the ring. The crowd is a bunch of animals.

* Move up in the standings until you capture the Championship Wrestling Belt.

* Play against the computer, or turn a buddy into putty. Up to eight players can bash it out.

It's clobbering time at the Coliseum.

In their dressing rooms, eight of the biggest, baddest bruisers in all of professional wrestling await their shot at the World Wrestling Title. The crowd is already getting rowdy. Just look at the signs they're waving. "Kill!" "Mangle!" "Crunch!".

Well, no one's going to be disappointed tonight. Because when these sultans of slam take to the mat, they're out for blood. K.C.Colossus, the All-American boy, has declared war on his Russian rival, Colonel Rooski. The Berserker, robbed of the title last year, wants it back from arch-rival Zeke Weasel - and nothing's going to stop him. Indian brave Howling Manslayer is on the warpath again, and he won't leave the ring tonight without a scalp under is belt.

These monsters of the mat know all the classic moves, and a few new ones, too - from the bone-crunching "Pop-Top" to the face-mangling "Klaw Hammer".

So take your seat at ringside. It's Championship Wrestling at its most thrilling, and the first round is about to begin.

Championship Wrestling challenges your competitive skills in the wrestling ring. You choose who you want to be - from the flashy K.C.Vicious. Or take on all seven of these sultans of slam in a single elimination tournament. You can play alone against the computer. Or invite up to seven of your friends over for a bruising battle of brawn.

With over 25 classic wrestling moves at your command - and a few special tricks up your sleeve - you may want to practice first. Then look over tonight's wrestling card and decide which wrestler you want to be. And come out swinging.

Championship Wrestling automatically keeps score. It displays how much strength you and your opponent have left. The crowd roars as these bruisers pound the mats. At the end lies the most coveted prize of Championship Wrestling: The World Wrestling Belt.

Plug your joystick into Port #2. If you are using two joysticks, plug the second into Port #1.

Before the action gets underway, a menu screen offers you a choice of three options for today's heavyweight bouts. To make a selection, use your joystick to move the cursor to your choice, then press the fire button.

OPTION 1: Practice
The action's going to be fast and furious. So before meeting the likes of The Berserker or Purple Hays, you may want to warm up and practice your moves. In this option, choose the wrestler you want to be. Then choose your opponent. (Your opponet's moves will be controlled by the computer.) After you've made your selections, the Wrestling Arena will appear. Now get the feel of the ring and practice your moves.

The next time you face off in the ring it will be for keeps.

OPTION 2: Competition
In the competition option, a single player or up to 8 players can compete for the title belt. When playing alone, choose the wrestler you want to be. Then, one after another, you'll face the other seven heavies (controlled by the computer). After tangling with the last titan - or going down to defeat - check out the permanent world records list to see where you stand.

With more than one player, each player will be asked to enter his name and select a wrestler. The the computer will organize a single elimination tournament. The computer will pair the wrestlers and prompt each player when it's time for his wrestler to enter the ring. After the last match is over, the tournament results will be posted.

OPTION 3: See World Records
The world records option allows you to see the permanent record for all competitors - including the player's name and the current high scores. Records are automatically updated after each single player match. Press the fire button to return to the Option Screen.

Once you've chosen one of the three play options, it's time to meet the eight contenders. Each of these rowdies of the ring has his own colorful personality and his own custom move.

If you're playing alone, type in your name and press [RETURN]. Then choose which wrestler you want to be. Using the joystick, move the cursor to the wrestler you've selected and press the fire button. When asked for the second player, press [RETURN] again to begin the game.

In single player competition, you will wrestle the other seven computer controlled wrestlers in order of increasing difficulty. Howling Manslayer is the easiest, and K.C.Colossus is the most difficult to beat.

If you're playing with more than ome player, each player will enter his name and select a wrestler in the same way. Press [RETURN] when all names have been entered.


K.C. Colossus
This bruiser comes out of the corner like a bolt of lightning with his flashing blond hair and yellow trunks. Lean and mean, he zaps opponents with an electrifying combo of strength and agility.

CUSTOM MOVE: Trash Compactor (His elbows do the compacting, trashing his opponent's face.)

HOMETOWN: Kansas City, Mo.
WEIGHT: 275 Pounds
MOTTO: "I'll Rip Off Your Ears And Feed 'Em To Ya!"

Purple Hays
Wearing black trunks and black leather wrist bands, this street-fighting man is one mean dude. He learned his stuff in the school of hadknocks, and he's been knocking 'em around ever since.

CUSTOM MOVE: Ghetto Blaster (A stomach kick and flip combination that tunes his opponents right out.)

HOMETOWN: Canton Ohio
WEIGHT: 295 Pounds
MOTTO: "Yo' Old Lady Tussles better than you!"

Colonel Rooski
Get ready for World War III with this Siberian superman. Strains of the Russian national anthem play as he proudly displays the red hammer and sickle on his chest. With a full arsenal of nasty tricks, he's ready for the ultimate showdown.

CUSTOM MOVE: Great Bear (Only an animal would perform this grizzly move - a double blow that lays 'em out on the mat.)

WEIGHT: 285 Pounds
MOTTO: "Bury You? We Squash You Like Turnip!"

Prince Vicious
If looks could kill, this purple-haired bruiser would be doing time. Rumor has it he arrives early just to admire himself in the dressing room mirror. But don't let that pretty face fool you. He's not called Vicious for doing good deeds.

CUSTOM MOVE: Vicious Circle (An airplane spin followed by an atomic drop that lowers the boom.)

HOMETOWN: Sunnyvale, California
WEIGHT: 315 Pounds
MOTTO: "Oooo! You Look Good Enough To Smash!"

Who - or what - lurks behind that hood and mask? No one knows for sure. The only emotion this automaton possesses is the killer instict. Programmed to destroy, he's got an iron will, a steel-like grip, and a gaze that's cold as ice.

CUSTOM MOVE: Klaw Hammer (Holding his opponent with a claw-like grip, he deilvers a punch that stops 'em dead in their tracks.)

WEIGHT: 255 Pounds
MOTTO:"Mmph Ffmph Muumn Phuff Ffupmmn!!!!"

Zeke Weasel
What this boy lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn. In his tattered jeans and long beard, he's a hillbilly heavyweight whose favourite recreation is a barroom brawl. Shucks, if it weren't for a good fight back in Cowpens, what would you do on a Saturday night?

CUSTOM MOVE: The Stomp (Clothes-line to the mat and stomp all over him.)

HOMETOWN: Cowpens, Alabama
WEIGHT: 310 Pounds
MOTTO: "When Ah'm Dun Yer Face'll Be Hog Slop!"

The Berserker
Crazy as a cat and twice as sly, this half-man, half-beast prowls the ring like the king of the jungle. And the law of the jungle is the only rule he knows. Survival. That's why the fight is tooth and claw when the green-faced madman enters the ring.

CUSTOM MOVE: Pop-Top (A powerful head butt that brings down even the fiercest beast.)

HOMETOWN: Hobart, Tasmania
WEIGHT: 306 Pounds
MOTTO: "Haaarrggh! OOOOROWRRrrr...KILL!"

Howling Manslayer
The white headdress and white buckskins mean only one thing: This ferocious brave is on the warpath. Intent on restoring pride to the Indian Nation, he's out for vengeance, and there will be no peace pipe this time around.

CUSTOM MOVE: Bow and Arrow (An arm-twist and kick that stakes his opponent to the mat.)

HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, Indiana
WEIGHT: 265 Pounds
MOTTO: "Scalps? I'm Taking Heads!"


Each wrestler enters the ring with the same strength level presented in the chevron bars just below the fighter's name on the screen. Every move you make saps your strength. Some moves, like the Airplane Spin, take more strength than others.

So choose your moves carefully. If you attemt a tough move at a weak moment, you may find yourself down for the count. You can buy a little time by dodging and your strength level will rise again. And you can wear your opponent's strength down with punches and kicks before you attempt your best moves on him.

A word of advice: Let your strength level slip too far and it won't take much to knock you down. If your strength level drops to 2, your wrestler will drop to the mat.

NOTE: There are certain key moves which must be made in order to get to the next move. The diagram on the previous page shows the flow of movements needed for the most points and the joystick directions required with the fire button pressed.

To move your wrestler around the ring, move the joystick in any of the eight directions you want to go. You can circle the ring, get into position for a move, or dodge your opponent. Sound easy? Maybe so. But it won't seem so easy when you're dodging two tons of mad mauler and the crowd is going wild. When the action heats up, just remember - all the movement around the ring is made only with the joystick.

If you're good, you'll know how to use the ropes to full advantage. Run full tilt into them and you'll bounce back into the ring with enough speed and momentum for your next move. Reverse your joystick direction as soon as you hit the ropes to get maximum rebound.

You don't necessarily have to move in close to your opponent to deliver a body-bashing blow. With the Flying Drop Kick and spin kick you can inflict your damage long distance.

* For a Flying Drop Kick, hold down the fire button and push the joystick FORWARD or pull BACK.

For a spin kick, hold the fire button down and pull the joystick back.

If you've moved in close to your opponent, you can strike with one of four basic moves - Punch, Kick, Left Headlock, or Right Headlock. Press and hold the fire button.

* To Punch push joystick FORWARD.
* To Kick, pull joystick BACK.
To attempt a Left Headlock, move the joystick LEFT.
To attempt a Right Headlock, move the joystick RIGHT.

You've got your opponent squirming in a Headlock. The advantage is yours. Now what? You've got three ways to bring him to the mat - Suplex, Body Suplex, or Atomic Drop.

Or you can give your opponent a Lift and get him ready for another set of moves. To make any of these moves, your strength level must be higher than your opponents. The Lift requires the most strength. The Body Suplex requires less strength. So choose your moves carefully. You don't want to find yourself face down on the mat. All four moves are made with the fire button pressed.

*For the Lift, push joystick FORWARD.
For the Suplex, pull the joystick BACK.
For the Body Suplex, move the joystick LEFT.
For the Atomic Drop, move the joystick RIGHT.

Bombs away!

You've managed to take your opponent from a Headlock to a Lift. Not bad. Now that he's up in the air, why not let him down hard - with one of those high scoring moves. Press and hold the fire button

For a Pile Driver, push the joystick FORWARD.
For a Body Slam, pull BACK.
For a Left Airplane Spin, move the joystick to the LEFT.
For a Right Airplane Spin, move the joystick to the RIGHT.

If you got in a few dizzying Airplane Spins after the lift, then your opponent will be more than ready to leave the Unfriendly Skies. Two destinations will make this trip one he'll never forget - the Throw or the Body Slam.

Throwing your opponent into the crowd is a little like feeding him to the lions. But it won't be easy. You've got to maneuver your opponent toward the middle of ther ropes on either side of the two front sides of the ring.

Then let 'er rip. And listen to the crowd go wild! After completing an Airplane Spin, press the fire button.

* To throw your opponent, push the joystick FORWARD.
* To deliver a shuddering Body Slam, pull the joystick BACK.

So now you know how to throw your opponent out of the ring. There's one more thing you need to know - what to do when you find yourself on the receiving end of a throw. That crowd can be downright rude. To get back into the ring, move the joystick in any direction to walk over to either side turnbuckle and climb back in.

You can also take to the air yourself and smash your opponent with a Turnbuckle Punch or Kick. To get up on the turnbuckle, maneuver close to any one of the side corners, face the turnbuckle, and press the fire button while pushing the joystick FORWARD. There are two ways down:

* Turnbuckle Punch, push FORWARD with the joystick.
* Turnbuckle Kick, pull BACK with the joystick.

A word of warning:
If you miss, you'll end up flat out on the mat - with a jeering crowd ready to add insult to injury.

Nice work. Your opponent is down on the mat and the crowd is on their feet. Now is not the time to get cocky. Your opponent may be down but not out. Two moves can help make sure he doesn't get up for more - the Leg Drop and a Pin.

These moves can only be made when your opponent is on the mat. Press and hold the fire button:

* For a Leg Drop, push joystick FORWARD.
* For a Pin, pull the joystick BACK.

If all this sounds easy, remember - there's a bruiser in the other cornet who's got all the same moves, and then some. You've got two ways to keep his paws off when he attempts a Headlock - Punch and Kick. Press and hold the fire button.

* To Punch your way out of a Headlock, push the joystick FORWARD.
To Kick your way out, pull the joystick BACK.

Every wrestler has got one - his own personal move, guaranteed to bring his opponent to the mat. Each wrestler makes his special move in the same way. If your strength is very high and your opponent's is very low, an attempted Headlock (fire button pressed and joystick to the LEFT or RIGHT) will result in your wrestler's custom move. The custom move, if you can pull it off, will usually bring your opponent down for the count. And it earns big points.

Sooner or later it happens to the best of 'em - you find yourself staring face down at the mat. A count of three is all that's between you and humiliating defeat. What do you do?

If your strength has slipped too low, there may be no way out but through the back-door of the Coliseum. But if you've got enough strength, you may be able to fight your way back up by pressing and holding the fire button and then pushing the joystick FORWARD to try and stand up again.

Championship Wrestling automatically keeps score of the fight. Scoring is based on the complexity of moves and each fighter's strength. Look for your score above your wrestler's name on the scoreboard. Check out the summary sheet for the points you earn for individual moves.

Press and hold the [RUN/STOP] and [RESTORE] keys at any time during play to begin again.

Airplan Spin: Take your opponent for a spin in the air with this dizzying move, which can be performed to the left or right.

Atomic Drop: Declare war on your opponent by picking him up and dropping him on your knee.

Body Slam: Pick up your opponent and let him down nice and hard onto the mat.

Body Suplex: Throw your opponent off balance and down to the mat with this quick sidestep.

Bounce off Ropes: Use the ropes to pack a wallop when you connect with your opponent.

Custom Moves: Wow 'em with your own custom move, guaranteed to bring the crowd to its feet - and your opponent to the mat. (Refer to the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL section.)

Flying Drop Kick: Take a flying leap and land your boots smack dab in the middle of your opponent's face.

Headlock: Wrap your arm around your opponent's neck to keep him in his place - a move you can perform from the right or left.

Kick: A good whack to the stomach and you'll bring your opponent to his knees.

Leg Drop: Take a leap and plant your leg down nice and hard in your opponent's face.

Lift: With a heave ho, lift your opponent up and over your head.

Pile Driver: Perform some heavy demolition work using your opponent's head against the mat.

Pin: Hold your opponent down in a pin for the count of three and the match is yours.

Punch: Deliver a good solid punch to the chest and you'll knock the wind out of 'em.

Suplex: Bring your opponent down by holding him and falling back onto the mat.

Throw: Give your opponent the toss - out of the ring and into the jeering crowd.

Turnbuckle Kick: Take a flying leap from the turnbuckle and land with a clobbering kick.

Turnbuckle Punch: Use the same take off, only this time wrap up the move with a powerhouse punch.

Position - Joystick - Move - Score
Standing - In all 8 directions - Walk in 8 directions - 0

Mode - Joystick - Move - Score
Close to opponent - Forward - Punch - 10
Close to opponent - Back - Kick - 10
Close to opponent - Left or Right - Attempt Headlock - 20
Your strength high/ - Left or Right - Custom Move (no pin) - 50
opponent's low - Left or Right - Custom Move (with pin) - 300
Far from opponent - Forward or Back - Flying Drop Kick - 20
Headlock - Forward - Lift - 5
Headlock - Back - Suplex - 20
Headlock - Left - Body Suplex - 20
Headlock - Right - Atomic Drop - 20
Lift - Forward - Pile Driver - 25
Lift - Back - Body Slam - 25
Lift - Left - Left Airplane Spin - 10
Lift - Right - Right Airplane Spin - 10
Airplane Spin - Forward - Throw Wrestler - 30
Airplane Spin - Back - Body Slam - 30
On Turnbuckle - Forward - Turnbuckle Punch - 45
On Turnbuckle - Back - Turnbuckle Kick - 45
Opponent on mat - Forward - Leg Drop - 10
Opponent on mat - Back - Pin - 250