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Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Created By: Richard Ditton, Elaine Ditton, Timothy Skelly, David Thiel &
Lonnie Ropp, Music By: Sid Meier, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 to 8
Take on any 8 rowdy wrestlers, each with his own individual style when it comes to busting heads. These guys are every dirty trick known to man and a few that aren't. So you'll have a real fight on your hands to win the coveted 'Championship Wrestling' Belt!
Each wrestler enters the ring with the same strength level presented in the chevron bars just below the fighter's name on the screen. Each move you make saps your strength. Some moves, like the airplane spin, take more strength than others.

So choose your moves carefully. If you attempt a tough move at a weak moment, you may find yourself down for the count. You can buy a little time by dodging and your strength level will rise again. And you wear your opponent's strength down with punches and kicks before you attempt your best moves on him.

A word of advice: let your strength level slip too far and it won't take much to knock you down. If your strength level drops to 2, your wrestler will drop to the mat.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 80%
An entertaining wrestling game which works well. Give it a whirl if you're into fighting games.

K.C. Colossus
Kansas City, Mo.
275 Pounds
"I'll Rip Off Your Ears And Feed 'Em To Ya!"
Purple Hays
Canton Ohio
295 Pounds
"Yo' Old Lady Tussles better than you!"
Colonel Rooski
Moscow, USSR
285 Pounds
"Bury You? We Squash You Like Turnip!"
Prince Vicious
Sunnyvale, Ca
315 Pounds
"Oooo! You Look Good Enough To Smash!"
255 Pounds
"Mmph Ffmph Muumn Phuff Ffupmmn!!!!"
Zeke Weasel
Cowpens, Ala.
310 Pounds
"When Ah'm Dun Yer Face'll Be Hog Slop!"
The Berserker
Hobart, Tasmania
306 Pounds
"Haaarrggh! OOOOROWRRrrr...KILL!"
Howling Manslayer
Indianapolis, Ind.
265 Pounds
"Scalps? I'm Taking Heads!"