Over The Net
Copyright/Publisher: Genias, Coding By: Marco Corazza & Luca Zarri, Graphics By:
Marco Corazza & Andrea Paselli, Music By: Paolo Predonzani & Stefan Roda,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Volleyball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

                             JOYSTICK SETUP:

When Over the Net is played with 1 player against the computer, the
joystick must be connected to port 2. If 2 players wish to play at the
same time, the mouse must be disconnected, with the power off, and the
second joystick hooked up to port 1. In both cases, the player with the
joystick connected to port 2 is considered to be player 1 and will make
all of the selections in the Main Menu.


After the introduction and credits, the Main Menu will appear. You can
select from the following items by positioning the arrow over the
appropriate icon and pressing the (FIRE) button:

            SEA CUP               Start the Sea Cup competition
            SINGLE GAME           Play a single game
            DEMO                  Continuous demo of the game
            POINT ON CHANGE       If YES is selected, a point is
                                  awarded on change of service
            NUMBER OF SETS        Number of sets in a match

Once you have selected either The Sea Cup or Single Game, you will be
prompted to enter your name(s) and configure the two "visiting" teams.

     Choice of Teams:

     Choose any of the 12 available teams by positioning the arrow over
     the team you wish to select and pressing the (FIRE) button. To
     change the players names, select the name you wish to change and
     enter the new name from the keyboard. Finally, you must decide
     which players are to be controlled by the computer and which will
     be controlled by a human. The "human" players are selected when a
     joystick appears, the computer is selected when the letters CPU
     appear. Thus each of the two teams can be controlled by:

            a) Two joysticks (2 human players)
            b) Two CPU's (2 computer players)
            c) One joystick and one CPU (1 human and 1 computer player)

     Sea Cup:

     If you select Sea Cup, the matches will take place in a series of
     seaside resort locations. A classification is gradually formed at
     each match between the various teams, and at the end of the
     tournament, the two teams with the lowest standing are eliminated
     for each location. The tournament proceeds in this manner at
     increasingly difficult levels up to the conquest of the much
     aspired Sea Cup.


The rules of Over the Net are identical to those of volleyball (3
contacts for each team, the ball must not be touched twice in
succession by the same player, etc.) with the addition of an option
which also awards a point for service out. This option was added to
limit the duration of a set. The game consists of 1, 3, or 5  sets, and
the game is terminated when one of the teams has mathematically won,
even if all the remaining sets have not been played. Each set consists
of 15 points, except when there is a point difference of less than 2.
The scoreboard located next to the playing court indicates the score,
the winning sets, the team colors, and who is serving.

Each human player is assigned one man and, depending upon how you set
up the teams, the remainder are controlled by the computer. The two
players on  each team take turns serving the ball. The server is
automatically positioned for a serve and waits, with ball in hand, for
(FIRE) to be pressed. There are two possible shots: with or without a
jump. For a shot without a jump, press (FIRE). For a shot with a jump,
Move the joystick forward and then press (FIRE). The power of the shot
depends upon the timing and precision of the movement.

During a volley, a shadow appears on the beach to indicate where the
ball is. You can thereby estimate where the ball will fall, and the
nearest player must go to that point to receive the volley. If the
computer controlled player does not move, this means that the human
controlled player is the nearest player and must move to the area where
the ball will land. Remember, care must be given in order to anticipate
your move to the area where the ball will land. Once the player is in
position, press (FIRE). Depending upon the proximity of the ball to
this player, the most appropriate type of movement will be carried out
automatically, including: a bagger pass, a toss, or, in extreme cases,
a dive. The direction of the ball while doing a dive is calculated by
the computer. For the other shots, the velocity, direction and arc of
the ball depend entirely upon the force of your blow, the direction of
the joystick, and the area of the ball that you hit.

To block a volley at the net, move the player up to the net and press
(FIRE) with the joystick in the up position. The ball will be blocked
only if it has not crossed the net. The smash is achieved using the
same technique as a jump serve.

Notes: In all cases, the timing of the shot is critical. Also, every
ball is considered to be playable, so if you see a ball that appears to
be landing out-of-bounds and do not return it, a point will be awarded
to the other team as if it were a missed play. During game play,
pressing the ESC key will abort the current game and return you to the
Main Menu. The score at the time you aborted will be taken as the final
score. To pause the game, press the P key. Press the (FIRE) button to
resume play.