Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Music: Matt Furniss,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Get Toobin' with the Tube Dudes. Ride the rapids and check out the white water challenges for an action packed fun day out toobin'.

It's rad! It's bad! TOOBIN' is so awesome, dude! Have a totally toobular time Toobin' on dozens of rivers. You can even cruise down Martian canals and prehistoric swamps. Go through gates, grab treasures and weapons, steer clear of obstacles and fight enemy dudes before they damage your toob. At the end of each river is a whirlpool that'll take you to another wet and wild ride! Keep your head above water and you'll have an excellent rippin' and ragin' time!

The Game
Toobin' - The first game of its kind. Join Biff and Jet, the tube-dudes, as they cruise the baddest rivers in and out of this world!

Getting Started
A game for one or two, play either Bill or Jet in search of the most outrageous party they can find. Guide the tube-dudes to places even your travel agent doesn't know about!

Each river contains new and exciting backdrops to the varied obstacles that you must negotiate. Pick up tin cans that you'll find in the rivers to defend yourself against the shoreside creeps like punks, fly fishermen, swamp monsters and even kamikaze penguins. Watch out for sticks, branches and spiked logs that can easily burst your tube.

Paddle through the gates for mega-bonuses, but don't bump the poles or you'll halve your score. Hot toobers can rack up the points this way. Don't lag behind 'cos the big 'gator is just waiting to catch those slow toobers at the back. Hold tight as you challenge the white water rapids.

Toobin's got lots of special features like simultaneous two player action for double the fun, and higher levels with wild and varied rivers from the Amazon to Mars!, taking in the Nile and the Colorado along the way. Complete the rivers and you can join in the playing!

Player 1: Follow on screen menu.
Player 2: Follow on screen menu.
Pause: Shift and P.
Quit: Shift and Q.

Special Items to Pick Up:
Treasure chest: 200, 500 or 1000 points, dude.

Floating can: pick it up to add to your stash (9's the max you can have).

Sixpacks: looks like six cans, but you actually get more. You lose your sixpack when you sink or when you hit a whirlpool.

Gates: go through them to increase the score multiplier. Miss one, and your score multiplier gets, like, totally wiped out.

Beach Ball: pumps you up.
Patch: you need these to repait your toob.

Letters: totally toobular things to have. You can get a new toob and 3 extra patches for three letters, and you can get a big bonus for all seven letters.

Make full use of the two player option if you want to be king of the river! With a friend to help you the game becomes not only a competition to get to the and but also to see who makes the highest score.

Try to hit the shoreside obstructions as soon as possible. By stunning them with your cola cans your passage down the river will be that little bit easier.

Picking up a Beach Ball gives you extra speed enabling you to whizz around at high speed for a short while. Keep up your speed and gain extra points by steering through gates without hitting the sides. Be careful not to dawdle for too long, however, as a giant alligator will start chasing you! The only way to get him off your tail is to paddle through the gate.

It's very important to shoot everything when you first start playing the game. The letters T, O, O, B, I and N will be released as you hit each object earning you massive points when the game is over. Try shooting innocent looking objects, such as bushes, as these often cover the bonus letters.