WWF European Rampage Tour
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean/Arc Developments, Music: Mark Cooksey,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The WWF* comes to Europe.

You must visit various European Cities and defeat all the opposition to win the European Rampage* Tour. You will then be considered good enough to take on Animal* of the Legion of Doom* for the coveted Championship.

On the tour you will compete as one of the following:
Ultimate Warrior* Hulk Hogan** Bret Hart* Randy Savage*

You will compete against the following:
ZTyphoon* Sags* Irwin R. Scyster*

If you can fight your way to the final competition, you will face:
Animal* from the Legion of Doom*.

When the game has loaded, there will be a short presentation sequence. You will be asked to select one of the following:

Scenario options:
1) One player competition
2) Two player practice match

When you have chosen a scenario you must select your talent.

Highlight the required talent and press FIRE.

If you have chosen a practice match, you will move directly to the ring.

The first venue is the Britannic Arena, London, England.

If you succesfully defeat all the opposing talent at each venue, you will be able to challenge Animal* of the Legion of Doom* for the WWF* Championship Belt. This match will be held at Madison Square Garden, New York.

On Screen Displays:
Bar on the left: PLAYER 1 STRENGTH
Bar on the right: PLAYER 2 STRENGTH
Number below strength bar: COUNT-OUT
Text between the two bars: PINNED COUNT
The two guys are: PLAYER 1 and PLAYER 2

As the strength bar decreases, the Superstar will find it harder to recover from being winded and will have increasing difficulty in getting back up from the floor.

Your Superstar may be hurt in various ways. For example:
Receiving a blow Being knocked down Missing his opponent with a flying move Being thrown

The Timers will appear at the top of the screen only when active. The Count-Out timer starts when a Superstar leaves the ring. If the count reaches 10, the player concerned is disqualified. The Pinned Count starts whenever a Superstar is pinned. If the count reaches three, the match ends and the pinning talent wins.

NOTE: If a talent is counted out because he has left the ring, the match will not end until the other talent is inside the ring. It is, therefore, possible for both wrestlers to be disqualified. In this event there will be a rematch.

Your WWF* Superstar may be controlled by joystick only.

Your WWF* Superstar can perform the following moves:

Walking - Left or right. If you change direction while walking, your Superstar will turn around.

Running - Double tap your joystick in the current walking direction and your Superstar will start to run. He will keep running until you release the joystick. Your opponent will be knocked down if you collide with him.

If your Superstar runs into the ropes, he will keep running and bouncing off the ropes on either side of the ring. A quick change of direction on the joystick and he will continue to run in this new direction.

Running Roll - Push DOWN on the joystick while running and your Superstar will execute a Running Roll. If you hit an opponent during this manoeuvre, you will knock him down.

Shoulder Charge - If your Superstar runs into his opponent while he is walking or standing, your opponent is knocked to the ground. If you are both running then you will both fall flat on your back.

Flying Kick - Push FIRE on the joystick while your Superstar is running to execute a Flying Kick in the same direction.

This move may also be executed if your Superstar is standing on top of a cornerpost - push your joystick in the appropriate direction, toward the centre of the ring.

Running Dive - While running, push UP on the joystick for a Running Dive.

Climbing a Post - If your Superstar is standing in a corner of the ring, push the joystick toward the post and he will climb up it.

Dive (when on top of post) - You can attack an opponent from his standing position when on top of the post by pushing UP on the joystick.

Jump Down - Push DOWN on the joystick and your Superstar will jump down from the corner post.

Out of the Ring - If you wish to leave the ring, move to the front ropes and push against them; after a short delay, your Superstar will climb through the ropes and jump outside the ring. You may, however, be thrown from or roll out of the ring.

Push toward the ring with the joystick and your Superstar will climb back in.

If you fail to make it back into the ring before the count reaches 10, your Superstar will be disqualified and he forgeits the match to his opponent.

The following two moves are each performed by pressing fire. However, the distance between your Superstar and his opponent will dictate which move is executed.

Standing Slap - Medium range

Standing Kick - Long range

Clothesline - To perform this defensive move press FIRE as your opponent is running past. If you time it correctly, he will fall flat on his back.

Cover-Head - When an opponent is running at you, press FIRE and your Superstar will bend over and cover his head with his arms. If the opponent then collides with you and your Superstar is strong enough, he will throw the opponent up and over his head.

Dropkick - If you press FIRE while your opponent is running at you, and he is not close enough for your Superstar to try a Cover-Head, he will attempt a Dropkick. If the kick fails to connect or the Cover-Head is unsuccessful, your Superstar may be hurt.

Stomp - Press FIRE when your opponent is lying on the ground in front of you and your Superstar will stomp him.

Elbowdrop - Press FIRE and UP to make your Superstar perform this move. (You cannot execute this move while your opponent is running.)

Pin - This move will only operate if your opponent is lying on the ground. Press FIRE and DOWN while your Superstar is standing near the middle of your opponent's body.

If you are being pinned, rapidly pressing FIRE will help to force your opponent off. However, if a Pin lasts for a count of three, the match is over and the pinning Superstar is declared the winner.

Pick-Up - If your Superstar is strong enough, he can pick up a winded opponent. Press FIRE while standing in front of him.

If your Superstar has been picked up by an opponent, quickly move your joystick from left to right and he may be able to struggle free.

Throw - If your Superstar is holding on opponent above his head, he can throw him to the ground by pushing LEFT, RIGHT or UP on the joystick.

Knee Slam - Push/pull DOWN on the joystick while your Superstar is holding an opponent above his head and he will execute a Knee Slam.

Rolling - While your Superstar is lying on the ground, push UP or DOWN on the joystick and he will roll in either direction as required and trip up his opponent.
NOTE: If your Superstar is hurt, he may not respond to any attempted moves until he has regained sufficient strength.

Armlock - When your Superstar is close to an opponent, they may lock arms. You must react quickly to gain an adventage. Press FIRE rapidly to build up your strength. If you are strong enough to win the Armlock, you will either pick up your opponent or force him to run in the direction he is facing, allowing him to bounce off the ropes if he is close enough. Your Superstar may then attack his opponent as he is bounce off the ropes.

NOTE: If neither wrestler wins an Armlock in a 2-player practice bout, both players will remain in an Armlock.

Try to force your opponent out of the ring. Throws to the floor will hurt more than throws inside the ring.

Try to use the outside ring timers to your adventage by striking a knock-down manoeuvre on your opponent - you may be able to climb back into the ring and have your opponent counted out. Beware - this may also happen to you!

Try to wind your opponent near the ropes so that he can be thrown out of the ring.

If you win an Armlock and the opponent is sent running toward the ropes be ready to use an attacking move as he is bounced off the ropes towards you.



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* Trademark of TitanSports, Inc. (c) 1992 All Rights Reserved.

** Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania and Hulkster are trademarks of the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., licensed exclusively to TitanSports, Inc. All other distinctive character names, likenesses, titles and logos are trademarks of TitanSports Inc.

Programming, Graphics, Music and Design by Arc Developments for Ocean Software Ltd.

Produced and Marketed by Ocean Software Ltd.