11th February 2000
This is only a quick update of the World Records-section! Some of the new records are really good, try to beat them!

3rd February 2000
So what have happened since the yesterday-update? Hmmm, The Game Of Month-game is updated with 2 more scans.

STADIUM 64 adding a new game called:
Microleague Baseball II - Microleague II Enhanced
- Thanks to J2000C for sending it!

Go to the Baseballgames-section and download this awesome game!

A fully worky Microleauge Baseball is still missing, but I donīt think itīs better than than this sequel. Is there someone out there who knows if there were any expansion disks released for Microleague Baseball II?

2nd February 2000
Game Of The Month for February is: Ping Pong
The World Records-section is updated again and some fixes was also made.

This update is very small, and the reason for that is: STADIUM 64 is under reconstruction with a (hopefully!) better layout/design. I donīt know when it will be online. It can take a week or a month or more. But it will definitely be online until the 1 year anniversary, in other words: In the middle of April.

9th January 2000
The last update was made in a hurry, So unfortunelately there were a few mistakes discovered after that update. Thanks to all of you who have mailed me about this!

The added Image of "Expansion Disk Vol 2" to Microleague Wrestling were the same as "The Main Game Disk". Youīll find the correct Expansion Disk Vol.#2 here.

And for some reason the Baseball-gamesection were replaced by the Baseball-advert/coversection. This html-file is know updated to the correct one!

Game Of The Month for January is: World Games

19th December 1999
The Link- and the Game Of The Month-page is updated.

I have started to collect Adverts & Covers in the 28 genres I use. And at this moment thereīs not much there yet. Go to the Adverts-section to see it!

Following game were added: (Itīs a part of Microleague Wrestling and requires The Main Game Disk to play, so itīs not counted as a new sportgame.

Microleague Wrestling Expansion Disk Vol.#2
- thanks to Ghislain De Blois

9th December 1999
The new URL of this site is: http://stadium64.cjb.net
Please update your bookmarks/links!
The old url: http://jump.to/c64sports still works but if you use it you will see the annoying advert banner....

A new section is added: [GAME OF THE MONTH] and the first game out is: Winter Games!

The [WORLD RECORDS]-section is updated again!

Following game were added:
Knockout/Ahoy Publications - thanks to Ghislain De Blois
Total SportGames: 790

23th November 1999
A new banner have been created! Thanks to Martin Baumann for creating this very nicelooking banner!!!

And finally is the link-page updated! I promise that I will keep it more updated in the future. There was many old links there....shame on me! A few more links is added, check them out!

The [WORLD RECORDS]-section is updated again!

Following [GREAT SPORTGAMES] were added:
Dream Team Challenge
Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars
Stunt Car Racer
Super Sprint
Total Great SportGames: 13

22th November 1999
You have probably already figured it out: C64 Sports doesnīt exist anymore! Together with some friends, I decided to change the name for this site. Webmasters of any site that links to C64 Sports, please change that name to:

[STADIUM 64 - The Commodore 64 Sport Games Archive]

The URL is still the same and also the email. But there will probably be changes there in the future. And there will also be some layout-changes too, but donīt expect that it will be created this Millennium. Youīll have to wait to 2K!

The [World Records]-section is updated again.

This time 3 sportgames is added. They arenīt really new, becouse they are already here, but with another title. Anyway, following Games were added:
Bopīn Wrestle
Summer Challenge
Winter Challenge
Total SportGames: 789

9th November 1999
Following [ADVERTS] were added:
Game Set And Match
Passing Shot
Pole Position
Stunt Car Racer
Super Monaco GP
Super Sprint
Following [COLLECTIONS] were added:
Game Set And Match 2
Following [GREAT SPORTGAMES] were added:
Passing Shot
The downloadable image were also replaced with a better one!
Super Monaco GP
Following [REVIEWS] were added:
Barry McGuiganīs World Championship Boxing
Pitstop II

8th November 1999
This update were supposed to be bigger than this. But a mistake by myself (damn, I deleted a lot of stuff by a stupid f******g mistake. As you can see above, a new banner have been created by myself.

And in the [COLLECTIONS]-section is one more collection added: 4 Soccer Simulators. The former downloadable image of this collection was corrupted. One of the four games didnīt work at all (donīt remember which one...). So it is replaced by a 100% working version. One more thing about this collection: I have counted this collection as one game before, but it is actually 4 games. So the total Sportgames on this site is 786.

The [World Records]-section is updated and some other stuff not worth telling about.

Following Games were added:
Feature Bout Boxing, thanks to Ghislain De Blois! Who also is the creator of this game.
Leaderboard Tournament
Super Black Belt Karate
Super Lätkä, thanks to Tomi Maline! Who also is the creator of this game. For you who isnīt familiar to the finnish language, I can tell you that "Lätkä" is the finnish word for "Puck".
Total SportGames: 786

27th October 1999
The [World Records]-section is updated with more....World Records....what else?

Under the [GREAT SPORTGAMES]-section is World Games updated and two new games is added: Microprose Soccer and Track&Field.

26th October 1999
Following Games were added:
English Darts
Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off
World Cup Ice Hockey
Following Manuals were added:
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Daley Thompsonīs Super-Test
Total SportGames: 779
Total Manuals: 50

17th October 1999
About 10 games were updated with better information and the Wanted-page is updated with over 10 Wanted Games. Please, take a look at it and see if you have any of the requested games there!
Following Games were added:
International Soccer (Special Version)
Slot Car Racer
Following Reviews were added:
Hyper Sports
International Basketball
International Karate
On-Court Tennis
Thanks to Dero Vito, Mike Semula and Johan Karlsson! Without you this big? update havenīt been done!
Total SportGames: 775
Total SportReviews: 18

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