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30th September 1999
Hmmm, there havenīt happened so much here since the last update. Iīm very busy at the moment. So here comes a small update again.

This time I have finished the Grand Prix Circuit-section. And a section about Championship Wrestling is also added. I hope you like it. You find links to this under the [GREAT SPORTGAMES]-section.

Following Games were added:
Anstoss (Football) - thanks J99C!
Motocycle (Motorcycling)
Total Games: 773

21th September 1999

Two new parts is added [GREAT SPORTGAMES] and [COLLECTIONS]. They definitely deserves a look! There isnīt much there yet! But wait and see.....there will probably coming more!

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15th September 1999
The last weekend was a really great one, for those who still love the games to Commodore 64. All topsites had big updates: Kim Lemonīs C64 Game Source, C64.COM, CommodoreZone, Lanerīs Electric Mayhem and Area 64. There was only one topsite that didnīt have any update at all....Yes, this one! So here we go again with another little update in the middle of the week. This time with 8 Sportgames.

I have started to create two new parts on C64 Sports. I havenīt decided yet, what they will be called, but maybe "Great Sportgames" and "Extras". Both parts will be added in the near future.

Following Games were added:
American Express (Motorcycling)
Break Dance - Disk Version (Miscellaneous)
Dinorace 64 (Weird)
Gamestar Golf (Golf)
Squash (Miscellaneous)
Super Soccer - by Imagine (Football)
Treble Champions (Football)
Tug Of War (Miscellaneous)
Total Games: 771

8th September 1999
The last month, I have been really busy with my work (I work about 60 hours each week). I will probably continue working so much the rest of this year. So there will only be small updates on C64 Sports. I have some more ideas to do this site even better, but there is no time for that right know. Here comes one of this small updates again:
Following Games were added:
Ballblazer (Weird)
Big Game Fishing (Watersports)
Jack Charltonīs Match Fishing (Watersports)
Jocky Wilsonīs Darts Compendium (Darts)
Plazma Ball (Weird)
Total Games: 763

2nd September 1999
Following Games were added:
Block Car Race (Racing)
Commodore 64 Car Race (Racing)
Hounded 1: Simplified Simulation (Miscellaneous)
Hounded 2: More Complex Simulation (Miscellaneous)
Racing Manager (Racing)
Revs (Formula One)
The game I called for only 'Revs' before is changed to the right title: Revs+. The difference between this games is that Revs have 2 different tracks and Revs+ have 6 different tracks. Thanks to Dero Vito for this information!
Block Car Race (Racing)
Total Games: 758

1st September 1999
Following Games were added:
500cc Motomanager - Thanks to Rough!
SFI Wrestling 2 - Thanks to Skull!
Go and visit his nice site:
Skull_99īs Commodore BASIC Games Page
You will find more basic-games there!
SFI Wrestling was updated with a better version!
Total Games: 752

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26 August 1999
Michael Johnson have just been running the 400 meters-final in the World Championships in Sevilla. And he run very fast....a new World Record: 43.18. That time was easy to beat...I have just been running myself......much faster: 42.82

Here is another record..... probably the biggest update in the history of C64 Sports...;-)
Following Games were added:
Microprose Soccer Italy 1990-Version
- Thanks to Dero Vito!
Total Games: 750

12 August 1999
Iīve been working on some layout changes for a couple of days and they are updated now. Most of the work was on the Manuals-part and I have also added 9 manuals there.
Following Manuals were added:
1000 Miglia
Fiendish Freddyīs
International Soccer
Match Point
One On One
Pro Skateboard Simulator
Pro Tennis Simualtor
Total Manuals: 48

8th August 1999
Press here for more details about the added sportgames! Thank to a great anonymous guy for sending this sportgames to C64 Sports.
Following games were added:
British Super League (Football)
GP Tennis Manager
Micro Olympiade (Athletics)
Superbike Challenge (Motorcycling)
Total Games: 749

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