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Note that the News on the News Archive is stored in the layout-style when the news were added on Stadium 64. Well it could be some sort of a history of the layout. As you can see the first news start in April 1999, and if you didn't already know it, in the beginning of April 1999 Stadium 64 was born. Stadium 64 was named C64 Sports from the start, but it was changed later.

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New poll added: Best Formula 1-game?
29th March 2001
It's time for the 3rd Formula race this weekend, BRAZILIAN GP - Interlagos. And why not spend some hours playing some good Formula 1 games? You have several good games to choose from....and the question is: Which is your favourite Formula 1 game? Is it; Ferrari Formula One - Grand Prix Racing Simulation, Grand Prix Circuit, Grand Prix Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Pitstop II, Pole Position, Revs, Scalextric/Slot Car Racer, Slicks or Super Sprint.

People's choice: Winter Games
29th March 2001
The poll: "Which game in Epyx's 'Games'-serie is your favourite?" is finally closed. No big suprises; the 6th & 7th places was already almost given. The little surprise for me is Summer Games II, which I think deserves better than that! ...And here are the results from the jury: (total votes: 204)
Place Votes Game Percent of Votes
Gold Medal 50 Winter Games 24 %
Silver Medal 48 California Games 23 %
Bronze Medal 36 World Games 17 %
4th Place 33 Summer Games 16 %
5th Place 24 Summer Games II 11 %
6th Place 9 The Games: Winter Edition 4 %
7th Place 4 The Games: Summer Edition 1 %

3 manuals added!
27th March 2001
3 more Manuals are added today;
720 Degrees, MicroLeague Football - The Coach's Challenge & Plazma Ball.

Huge update of the Game-Infos Archive!
19th March 2001
61 games are added to the Game Infos-archive, and this archive now contains 274 different games with over 3700 screenshots and a lot of other useless and useful stuff. Some of the added games are: 720 Degrees, America's Cup, Alleykat, Fight Night, HardBall, Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf, Pub Games, Rack'Em, Street Surfer, Touchdown Football, TV Sports Football, WWF European Rampage Tour & WWF Wrestlemania.

Big update of the Adverts & Covers Archive..
10th March 2001
The Games Archive was recently improved a little bit a know it's time for the Adverts & Covers, and it's looks in a similar way too. The Adverts & Covers-archive now contains over 1000 scans. Also added to every genre is a crosslink from any of the Adverts&Covers-genres to the same genre in the Games Archive, just click on the name of the genre and you will come to game genre! There will also be added crosslinks from the Games Archive to the Adverts & Covers soon.

Small updates of three sections.
10th March 2001
Following sections are updated: Links, Wanted Games & World Records.

The Games Archive is updated!
9th March 2001
The March Month Games Update, is including following added things (19 games in total); 1 Preview, Expansions Disks added to 2 games, 5 New Games, 4 Replaced Games (100% working versions) and 7 Spainish Versions of games. Here are some of the added/updated games: The Big KO, Pub Games, Pure Stat Baseball, Pure Stat Football, Slam Dunk & Super Bowl Sunday. Many thanks to Commodore Mania for the Spainish Versions.

Formula 1 Grand Prix special!
2nd March 2001
Did you know that the new Formula 1-season starts this weekend with the AUSTRALIAN GP? For more information you could visit: Let's hope that this season will be more thrilling, with more than 2 teams (McLaren & Ferrari) in the top positions!

Following Formula1-gameinfos are added:
F1 GP Circuits, F.1 Manager, Formula 1 3D - F.1 Manager 2, On-Track Racing, Turbo Sixty Four & Warm Up.

12 Manuals added!
27th February 2001
12 more Manuals are added, thanks to Mike Semula for most of them. Well, here are some of them: MicroLeague Wrestling, Super Cycle, Superstar Soccer, Autotest, 3D Waterski & some more.

Extra Bonuses for Track&Field & Hyper Sports found!
16th February 2001
The Hints & Tips-secion is updated again. This time I want to thank, Michael Lewis, for sending in those nice hints. I remember that you could hit a 'bird' in the Javelin-event in Track & Field, but did you know this about the High Jump-event: 'Clear 3 heights in a row with your final attempt to make a mole come up from the ground giving to another 1000 points!'

And here is a nice bonus for the Triple Jump-event in Hyper Sports: 'To make the bonus come up (a rocket that gives you 3000 points extra), you have to make a perfect jump, which means you have to hit the take-off board perfectly and get the angles 35, 41 and finally 45.'

The Collections and Game-Infos pages are updated.
13th February 2001
Both Game Set And Match & Game Set And Match 2 are updated and Grand Prix Selection is added to the Collections-page. 22 games are added to the Game Infos. 10 of them is also from the 3 added/updated Game Compilations. Here are a few of them; Championship Sprint, Heat Wave, Nick Faldo Plays The Open, Run The Gauntlet, Super Bowl XX & Surf Champ.

A poll is added to Stadium64
12th February 2001
Well, there have been a few visitors that have been requested a poll, so finally we have added it to Stadium 64. And we are starting with a classic question: "Which game in Epyx's 'Games'-serie is your favourite?". You'll find the Poll, after the main menu to the right. And we will probably changed the question every new month.

Old Stadium 64 is still online!
8th February 2001
Did you know that Old Stadium 64 is (you might even find something there that don't exist here!) still online? For over 10 months ago, Stadium 64 was removed to a new server. You can still see how the old design looked like: Old Stadium 64. So what have happened during those 10 months? Well, over 150 games, 180 manuals and a lot of other things. Let's hope that the next 10 months will be even more fantastic!

Update of the Games Archive!
6th February 2001
13 Games are added to the Games Archive; Autotest, Crazy Golf, Derby Dash, Downhill Challenge, Out Run Deluxe, Soccer Pinball, Tontauben Schiessen & some more games. The Games Archive is also improved a little bit. And we are also introducing a new genre: Horse Sports. Well, it was about time the horses got it owns space! There are over 20 games in this genre know!

More Manuals added!
31th January 2001
12 new Manuals are added and some old manuals are updated with better quality manuals. Well, here are some of them: Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf, Jimmy's Soccer Manager, 5th Gear, Superbike Challenge, Surf Champ, Double Sphere & many more. Many thanks to Mike Semula (again!) for most of those manuals.

Collections-page updated!
23th January 2001
2 more Game Compilations are added: Epyx Epics & Challengers. And most of the old Game Compilations are updated; 4 Soccer Simulators, Champions, Gold Silver Bronze, Psycho's Soccer Selection & The Sports Pack. Go to the Collections-Page.

More Games added to Game-Infos!
23th January 2001
Following Games are added to Game Infos:
Basket Playoff, Bocce, Break Dance, Final Assault, GBA Championship Basketball, GFL Championship Football, G.P. Tennis Manager, The Great American Cross-Country Road Race, Hot Wheels, MicroLeague Wrestling, Our Run, Pitstop, Pitstop II, Sporting News Baseball, Street Sports Football, Street Sports Soccer & Super Ski. All of them are marked with 'NEW' at the 'Game Infos'.

The Original Arcade Music to Out Run is also added, thanks to Fredrik! Also added to Outrun is the Course Map.

The World Records are updated!
22th January 2001
Well, it's been some months since the World Records were updated, but now they finally are! The most impressive record this time is the Foot Bag event in California Games. Can you do better than that?

Out Run US Release WANTED!
16th January 2001
There exist more European Versions v/s US Versions to our Commodore 64, than you can imagine! OutRun is the last one I didn't know about until today. Thanks to Michael Lewis for sending in a picture from the Title Screen. You can find more info about the US Release under the Wanted Games-section. This section is also updated with more wanted games!

Chop N' Drop from System 3 added!
15th January 2001
Did you know that the world famous game IK+ (International Karate+) was released under a second name? Well, Chop N' Drop is the US release and it's added to Stadium 64. It runs both on PAL/NTSC and auto-boots in 128-mode! Many thanks to Martin Strandberg for converting and sending this nice game to Stadium64.

Mattel Football - new american football game added!
15th January 2001
A new basic american football game created by Skull 2K called: Mattel - Classic Football is added, closely based on the 1977 handheld mattel electronics game. Many thanks to the author himself for sending in this game! For more basic Commodore64 games visit: Skull 2K's C64 BASIC Games Page.

Sporting Classics - A Game Compilation is added.
15th January 2001
A game compilation named Sporting Classics is added, and guess what? It contains 5 classic sportgames! And all of them are also represented in the gameinfos-area. 4 of the manuals has been on Stadium 64 before, but the last one Star League Baseball is now added!

Another Games Update!
9th January 2001
A new year, and a new update. If you haven't noticed it before; Stadium 64 are 'only' having one Games Update each month. This months Latest Added Games includes most games in the 'weird sports'-genre. Some of them might look strange to add, but you are actually competing to a human/computer player or/and can score a goal. Thanks to Matthew Allen & Vince Humm for suggesting some of those games. Do you know any other games that could be added? Please drop me an email!

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