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Note that the News on the News Archive is stored in the layout-style when the news were added on Stadium 64. Well it could be some sort of a history of the layout. As you can see the first news start in April 1999, and if you didn't already know it, in the beginning of April 1999 Stadium 64 was born. Stadium 64 was named C64 Sports from the start, but it was changed later.

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BIG Update for the Game-Infos, 70 Games added!
26th December 2000
The Game-Infos-section now contains 173 different games, and about 2200 screenshots are available to look at. All the new added gameinfos are marked with 'NEW'.

Manual to On-Field Football added!
25th December 2000
Somebody requested the instructions for On-Field Football a few days ago, and the official playbook is now added. Since 5 pictures had to be scanned, you can download the whole Official Playbook (147kb). To get familiar with the game I recommend you to watch the demo or you could also watch the Game-Info.

Merry Christmas Everybody!
24th December 2000
36 Games are added to the Games Archive! Most of them are new on Stadium 64, but some of them is replaced with better versions.

One nice note about Track & Field, that I didn't know about until today. It was rereleased as a fullprice-game in 1987 and what was really nice; it was a little bit better than the original release. It has music in the intro and you can also choose to practice all 6 events if you want!

More Hints & Tips & Super Scramble Simulator!
23rd December 2000
Following Hints & Tips to games are added: Football Director, Buggy Boy, Motor Mania, Metro Cross, Skate Crazy and some more.

Take on the ultimate challenge of motorbike scrambling in Super Scramble Simulator. This real life simulator takes you over 15 gruelling terrains, featuring 1:2 gradient hills, streams, water obstacles, logs, cars and lorries.

California Games gives you the hottest sports.
22nd December 2000
The 5th game in Epyx's 'Games'-series; California Games is added to the Gameinfos-section. One of the Adverts is rescanned and it's the biggest scanned picture on Stadium 64 so far.

Speedball with a lot of extra stuff!
21st December 2000
Speedball is added to the Gameinfos-section. And what's really nice is all the stuff you can look at. A special Poster with the players was included in the original package and a lot of other scans is also available to look at!

BTW, the Gameinfos-section will soon have a HUGE update and Stadium 64 will be updated daily during the Christmas Time. :-)

A huge manuals-update!
14th November 2000
It has been a while since we last added some manuals at this site. Many thanks to both David Owen and Mike Semula for most of those manuals. 16 new manuals, including Grand Prix Circuit, Hotshot, Continental Circus, Pit Fighter and many more. And also some updated manuals. All of them is marked with NEW at the Manuals-section.

Games Update!
6th November 2000
Some more games of various genres are added this time. Get all of them here.

Super Continental Ice Tag Circus Hockey Wrestling
31th October 2000
3 more games added to the Game Info's-section. Take the challenge of the Continental Circus consisting of eight races in eight different countries. Superstar Ice hockey is the first complete computer hockey simulation. It's actually three games in one, a software hat trick. You are challenged to match the awesome skills of your opponents in... Tag Team Wrestling

Mega Sports & Mini Putt added!
30th October 2000
One compilation named Mega Sports is added; this compilation contains all Epyx's 5 wellknown Summer & Winter Games. Mini Putt - The Ultimate Challenge, a cute little miniature golf-game is also added. This game-info contains 81! screenshots. Well the game have 4 different courses with 9 holes each, and you can look at all 36 holes, some holes requires more than one screenshot.

2 nice gameinfos are added!
24th October 2000
One racing- & one fighting-game; 4x4 Off-Road Racing & Yie Ar Kung-Fu.
The Hints & Tips-Section are updated with more useful hints.

12 New/Updated Games added.
23th October 2000
Today's game update includes some new, preview, updates and replaced games.
Get all of them here.

3 Baseball-Games added to Game Infos.
17th October 2000
Following Baseball-Games are added:
Championship Baseball, RBI 2 Baseball & Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball.

One Game-Collection called 'Champions' is added.
16th October 2000
A nice collection is added this time: Champions. The collection consist of 3 games with 3 different sport-genres. A very nice and valuable package. One of the games in the collection has been in the Game-Infos before, and the 2 other games are added to the Game Infos.

Two Boxing-Manuals added.
14th October 2000
Following two Manuals are added:
Bangkok Knights & World Championship Boxing Manager.

World Records & Wanted Games sections are updated
7th October 2000
Both sections are updated with the new layout. Some games at the Wanted Games have been found since the last update of that page, and some more games are added. Some more World Records have been added. Remember that you can send in world records from any sportgames, not only the games that only is listed there.

2 manuals added.
6th October 2000
Only 2 manuals added this time; Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash & Passing Shot. The Squash-game must be one of the most difficult sportgames ever. You'll have to practice a lot before you can win the title 'World Champion'. (You will probably give up early like I did, but I have never been a squash-fan.)

Brian Clough's Football Fortunes Completed!
2nd October 2000
One of the most requested games is finally completely available, including The Board-Game, The Player Cards, The Money, The Manual and of course the game-file itself. Download here: Brian Clough's Football Fortunes (693kb). Many thanks to Peter Olesen for those things! There also exist a german version of Brian Clough's Football Fortunes named Brian Clough's Fussball Manager and it would be nice if it also could be found! Anyone?
Power Drift added to game-infos!
2nd October 2000
One of the best racing games is added. The game has nice and colourful graphics and is very enjoyable to play. Screenshots from all 25 courses/stages is included. It's fast . . . it's furious . . . it's POWER DRIFT!

18 Games Added or Updated!
26th September 2000
Click Here to see what's new. To play Brian Clough's Football Fortunes you need a boardgame and some other stuff, that isn't available. Read the Manual for more info. If somebody, have any kind of this stuff please mail to Stadium 64. Stadium 64 has started to add game-previews, so if you have any, you could also send an email!
The whole Games Archive is updated!
26th September 2000
Well, it's changed to the new layout, and a lot of information to many games are added, such as: Publishers, Programmers, Graphicians & Musicians.
More Games added to the Game-Infos!
26th September 2000
Some nice classic games this time: 4th & Inches, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, BMX Simulator, Elektra Glide, Kick Off & World Series Baseball.

Over 200 manuals online!
23th September 2000
Today we are adding 10 manuals and that makes a total of 205 manuals online! Many thanks to Mike Semula & Holger for most of them. Go to the Manuals-section to see all the new ones. Here are some of them: Bump Set Spike, GBA Championship Basketball Two-On-Two, Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars, Soccer Boss & Stunt Car Racer.

More games added to Game Infos-section!
16th September 2000
Over ten games are added or updated. All of them is marked with "NEW" at the Game Infos. Here are some of them: Bop'n Wrestle, The Cycles - International Grand Prix Racing, Tie Break, Double Dribble & Olympic Skier.

Six games added to Game Infos.
11th September 2000
Following games are added: 10th Frame, Beach Volley, BMX Kidz, Fast Break, Para Academy & TKO.

3 Football Manager manuals added.
7th September 2000
The manual to the first Football Manager game by Addictive Games, was added some months ago, know is 3 other of the games in this brilliant serie added (thanks to Mike Semula!): Football Manager 2, Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit & Football Manager World Cup Edition.

A little Games Update!
4th September 2000
It's been a while since the last game update. Many thanks to both Fabrizio Gennari and CORE321's C64 European Imports for some of those games. Click here to see what's news or updated.
Stadium 64 is under reconstruction.
4th September 2000
Well, some sections already have the new style, and it will take a while until the whole site is changed. The whole Games Archive will be updated soon. A lot of new information will be added to every game. Take a look at the today's game update to see how the Games Archive will look like. If you have any comments (good or bad) about the new style, please leave me an email!

International 3D Tennis added to Game-Infos!
20th August 2000
Again, some improvements of the mainpage has been made. Finally looks the mainpage almost exactly the same for both Netscape and Explorer.

It's soon time for US Open, so this update is dedicated to Tennis. One of the best Tennis-games International 3D Tennis is added to the Game-Infos. The game is like no other tennisgame to C64, it uses a unique 3D vector graphics. Included are 28! screenshots and a lot more information. The Manual is also added, with 6 scanned pictures. One nice thing you maybe didn't know about this game, is that you can play the game from 10 different camera angles, just press the number keys 0-9 for the camera you want! Another tennis-game is updated: Passing Shot.

19th August 2000
Today starts the new season of the amazing Premier League, and due to that Match Day II is added to the gameinfos. Manchester United are the favourites again, but let us hope that another team will win the league in England! And why not Liverpool? With new players like Nick Barmby, Markus Babbel, Gary McAllister and maybe also Christian Ziege they have a great possibility. Manchester United's only new player is the goalie Fabien Barthez.

It's less than a month (27 days) to the opening of the 27th Olympic Summer Games, this time in Sydney, Australia. The opening ceremony is on Friday, 15th September. Why not spend some time at the Official Site of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Both Summer Games & Summer Games II is added to the Game Infos.

15th August 2000
Both the Manualand Driver's Reference Guide to Ferrari Formula One were added a while ago, without any useful pictures. Well, know has the pictures been scanned and added. 19 scanned pictures to the Manual and 4 for the Guide. You can download the updated Manual & Guide here (762kb).

The very nicelooking and playable Rally Cross Challenge created by Enigma Variations has been added to the game-infos!

14th August 2000
Have you ever heard about a Commodore 64 game named Psycho's Soccer Selection? Well, it's not a game, but it's game collection including 4 footballgames: Fighting Soccer, Kick Off 2, Manchester United and World Championship Soccer. The Collection-section hasn't been updated for over a year I think, and this is a section that will be updated more in the future! Wait for those collections: Soccer Spectacular, Mega Sports, Champions and many more!

12th August 2000
Two more menus are added on this main page. One of them is showing the 10 latest added or updated Manuals, and the other is showing the 10 latest added or updated Game Infos. Regular visitors to this site probably know that this 2 sections is the one's who are updated most. So I thought it was about time to add those menus on the main page.
10 games is added to the Game-Infos: The Games: Summer Edition, Summer Olympiad, Winter Olympiad, Indoor Sports and 6 more games!
The Reviews-section is completely redesigned and there are also many new reviews added: Skate Crazy, 19 Part One - Boot Camp, Olympic Skier, Winter Games, Club House Sports and many more.

6th August 2000
Manuals-update! 3 football/soccer-manuals added:
Kick Off, Kick Off 2 & World Championship Soccer.
Do you know that one of the worlds most famous football clubs, Manchester United wasn't called Manchester United from the beginning. The club was named Newton Heath. Why is AC Milan named AC Milan and not AC Milano? The answer is: the club was formed by an englishman!

5th August 2000
One of the best Formula One Racing games added to the gameinfos:
Ferrari Formula One - Grand Prix Racing Simulation
You have dozen of different settings to take care of and it takes some time to play this game to the end! 16 races in one season...Not much have happened to the Season of 2000. One more race! 17 races this year and 6 left and it's thrilling. Did you know that you could play the original game on both C64 and C128 (in C128 mode!)? The only difference is that you can make the game run a little faster in C128 mode!

4th August 2000
Just back from the holidays and a little new look for STADIUM 64, hopefully to the better. The World Records are updated.
The manual to Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing is replaced with a better manual, containing the history of when the Irish powerhouse Barry McGuigan won the World Championship! Without that success this awesome game maybe never would have existed! Gameinfo to Enduro Racer is updated!

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