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20th July 2000
2 more games added to the Game Infos-section:
The World's Greatest Baseball Game and The World's Greatest Football Game. The Manuals to both the Baseball- and Football-game are added. To the football game is also a Playbook added, containing 27 scanned pictures (1Mb). The other manuals also includes some pictures.
19th July 2000
The Manual to Pro Tennis Tour is added. Included are 15 scanned pictures from the manual. Some pictures are more useful than the others. The manual are good, especially for the ones who isn't so familiar with this sport. And even if your are a Tennis fan you'll find things you didn't know about Tennis.
18th July 2000
A big update of The [GAME INFOS]-section with over 10 games added. Some of the old Game Infos has also been updated. Here is some of the new games there: Action Biker, Skate Or Die, Ski Or Die, Street Sports Baseball & S.T.U.N. Runner.
17th July 2000
The [WORLD RECORDS] is updated and 3 [MANUALS] are added:
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, Microprose Soccer and last but not least the last game in Epyx Games-series: The Games - Summer Edition. The last manual also have some very useful scanned pictures. Also: The Manual to California Games has been updated with 2 scanned pictures.
15th July 2000

LeaderBoard update. Both the manuals to Leader Board and Leader Board - Executive Edition are online now. One of them has been online before (don't remember which of them) but it's updated, and the other manual is new.
14th July 2000

The [GAME INFO'S] for Final Blow & Hypa Ball are updated. And also the [SPORT GENRES]-secion is updated.
13th July 2000

6 [MANUALS] added:
Italy 1990, One On One 2: Jordan Vs. Bird , S.T.U.N. Runner , Super Scramble Simulator, (Eddie Edward's) Super Ski & World Cricket.
12th July 2000

8 [MANUALS] added:
Cyberball, Hat Trick, Indy Heat, Neighbours, Nick Faldo's Championship Golf , Skate Or Die, Street Fighter & TV Sports Football.
8th July 2000

8 [MANUALS] from the mid-80's added:
Action Biker, BMX Racers, Championship Wrestling, Death Race 64, (The Way Of The) Exploding Fist, Fight Night, Speed King & Touchdown Football.
6th July 2000

4 [MANUALS] added:
Double Dribble, Fighting Soccer, Galactic Games & Pole Position II.
1st July 2000

8 more [MANUALS] added:
Blades Of Steel, Blue Angels - Formation Flight Simulation, Hypa-Ball, Karate Champ, Led Storm, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, Ski Or Die & Manchester United - The Official Computer Game.
Over 10 old manuals is replaced with better manuals. Many thanks to both Mike Semula and Chris G.!
Also, some people have requested to download all manuals in one zipped file, and now you have the opportunity to do that! Just go to the Manuals-section.
29th June 2000

1 game is added to [GAME INFOS]: Final Blow. It's a good boxing game, with very huge sprites, even bigger than the sprites in Bangkok Knights.
25th June 2000

2 games added to [GAME INFOS]:
Buggy Boy & Kings Of The Beach.
23th June 2000

4 [MANUALS] added:
Final Blow, Rally Cross Challenge, Serve And Volley & Soccer Supremo.
20th June 2000

Combat School and Serve And Volley are added to [Game Infos]. And Super Sprint is updated. A couple of pictures of those 3 games is added to [Adverts&Covers]. The manuals to Combat School and Super Sprint is also updated!.

6 [Manuals] added: Ferrari Formula One - Manual, Ferrari Formula One - Driver's Reference Guide, Football Manager, Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, Hyper Bowl and Speedball 2

19th June 2000
A Games Update this time with 23 games. Some of them are new on Stadium 64, and some are replaced with better versions, which means: including title picture or 100% working or something else. Get the latest game here:
[Added Games 19th June 2000]
17th June 2000
The [World Records] and [Links] are updated.
11th June 2000
32 [Manuals] added: Allan Border's Cricket, Beach Volley, Bop'n Wrestle, International Karate+, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Matchday II, Speedball and many many more!
By the way, STADIUM 64, has got more than 50 original sportgames in a very good shape, they are never used before, so expect more manuals and highquality scans in the near future.
10th June 2000

Both [Hints & Tips] and [Wanted Games] is updated!
4th June 2000

62 Adverts&Covers is added to the [Adverts & Covers]-section.
Some scans is also replaced with better quality.
30th May 2000
8 Manuals added:
Abrasco Golf, Bad Cat, BMX Kidz, Footballer Of The Year, Great American Cross Country Road Race, Skate Rock, Super Monaco GP & World Champions.
3 other manuals is also updated with more stuff.
27th May 2000
10 Manuals added:
ATV Simulator, Buggy Boy, Grand Prix Simulator 2, Indoor Sports, Kikstart, Rugby Boss, Skate Crazy, Summer Olympiad,Superstar Ping Pong & World Championship Squash.
20th May 2000
A new STADIUM 64-logo is created. It's not completed yet, but I think it's already better than the old one! Please let me know what you think about it!
94 Adverts&Covers is added to the [Adverts & Covers]-section. Some scans is replaced with better quality. Only scans from [American Football] to [Multi Events] is added!
19th May 2000
30 games is added to the [Games Archive]. Get them here:
[Latest Added Games]. Some of them is suggested by quit many different people for a long time ago, but not added until now.
13th May 2000
2 Manuals added:
Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium & Slicks.
7th May 2000
2 games added to the [Games Archives]:
Superstar Soccer and International Soccer (Hungarian) [Football & Soccer]. Comments about Superstar Soccer: STADIUM 64 had the wrong *.d64-image for this game before. It was Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer. And the difference between these two games are: Superstar Soccer is the original release with American League Team Names and Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer is the European release (atleast in Great Britain and Sweden) with English League Team Names. So itīs renamed to the correct name and the American release is added.
6th May 2000
1 more game (or 2?) added to the [Game Infos]-section:
International Karate is the original release by System 3,
and World Karate Championship is the US release by Epyx. Screenshots from all 8 locations is included.
1st May 2000
The [Links] is updated with more links and some kind of a new style.
30th April 2000
3 more games added to the [Game Infos]-section:
Enduro Racer, Pocket Rockets and Super Cycle.
28th April 2000
The Wanted Games-section is updated. Please take a look at it and see if you can help STADIUM 64 with some of the Sport-Games there!
27th April 2000
6 Manuals added:
Elektra Glide, Ian Bothamīs Test Match, Internatinal Karate, Pole Position, Street Surfer and Toobin.
24th April 2000
One of the best Boxing-games is added to the Game Infos-secion:
Bangkok Knights by System 3.
23rd April 2000
6 more scans is added to the [Adverts & Covers]-section:
Pocket Rockets - Cover Front, Pocket Rockets - Cover Back, Racing Destruction Set - Cover Front, Racing Destruction Set - Cover Back, Racing Destruction Set - Disk, Street Sports Baseball and one scan of Wec Le Mans - Cover is updated with a better quality scan.
22nd April 2000
3 Manuals added:
Exploding Fist +, Super Hang-On and Turbo Kart Racer.
21st April 2000
The [Hints & Tips]-section is updated with more useful stuff!
16th April 2000
The [World Records] is updated with following games:
Decathlon, Winter Games, World Games and Summer Games II.
14th April 2000
3 games added: BMX Forest Race [Cycle Sports], Super Hang On - Tape Version[Motorcycle Sports] and Turbo Kart Racer [Racing Sports]. Note: Super Hang-On - Tape Version is almost the same as Super Hang-On - Disk Version.
9th April 2000
I have decided to quit with the "Game Of The Month"-section. Instead of this I will add more games frequently (read: more than one in a month!) into the Game Infos-section. 3 games is added to this section: Daley Thompsonīs Super Test, Decathlon and Wec Le Mans.
The World Records of Decathlon is also added.

One more thing, for about one year ago, STADIUM 64 was born, so what can we expect of the second year? Why not 800 more sportgames!

2nd April 2000
STADIUM 64 are always looking for more Intro/Loading Screens for all Sport-Games. Two more are found and added: Thai Boxing [Boxing] and Kik Start [Motorcycle Sports] If you have any of the missing Intro/Loading Screens please mail them to STADIUM 64!

3 Manuals added:
Test Drive 2: The Duel, Drag Race Eliminator and Steve Davis Snooker

1st April 2000
Iīm very happy to announce about this: California Games 2 is under construction! Yes, thatīs right folks. As we all know Epyx only released CG2 on the PC. So over 10 years later CG2 is under construction for Commodore 64. It will contains the same events as the PC-version: Bodyboarding, Jet Skiing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding. The team, Xype Inc, behind the C64-version, will create more events than that, and they need your ideas for creating more events. They will atleast create 2 own events. Use the [Discussion Board] if you have any suggestions! Expected release date is: late Summer 2000, probably in August! You can download a preview of one event: [Snowboarding] The zipped file also contains more information about California Games 2!

Two games added into the [Games Archive]:
720 Degrees - US Version [Skateboard], BMX Trials [Cycle Sports]

10 games is added into the [Original Games]-section.
The [Hints & Tips]-section finally sees a little update!
BTW, the new location of STADIUM 64 also means that this site will be MORE frequently updated!

23th March 2000
One game called Sporting Triangles [Mixed Sports] is added into the [GAMES ARCHIVE], thanks to Demetrius Kiminas! The game is a little bit out of date! It was released 1989, and is a Sport-Question-game, so for example is there someone who knows, the correct answer to the following question: "Two clubs have won the FA Cup a record seven times. Tottenham is one, name the other?"

7 Reviews is added: Daley Thompsonīs Decathlon, Kik Start, Pitstop 2 (2), Racing Destruction Set, Revs, Summer Games & Summer Games 2, (Greatly thanks to Mike Semula!)

22th March 2000
This update is a little bit smaller then the yesterdayīs. The Game-Infos-page have been updated, so thereīs no missing files there now! Iīve change the layout, but it donīt like it, I still having troubles with Netscape. The bottom-menus, should work 100% know. 11 games is added to [Original Games], most of them have already been online on STADIUM 64 in the [Games Archive] or the [Game Infos] before. And some fixes have also been done. Please, mail to me if anything is missing!
21th March 2000
First I just want to mention, that this Welcome/Main-site were supposed to look better than this. It looked great with Explorer, but with Netscape it looked like *%&/#Ī%!, so I had to change it very quick, thatīs why it look awful.

Okay here we go. This update is BIG. STADIUM 64 moves to a new server, thanks to E m u U n l i m . c o m for hosting this site. The design/layout is new (hopefully it looks better). The new URL for STADIUM 64 is: http://s64.emuunlim.com. The old URLīs only gives a "Mark-Set-False Start"-message and a link to the new URL.

So what is new with this update?
* An covers/Covers-section is added, including 508 scans.
* A Sids-Archive, with 296 sids.

* 18 Manuals is added: Alternative World Games, Ballblazer, Barry Mcguigan, BMX Simulator, Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes, Bullīs Eye, Caveman Ugh-Lympics, Combat School,Enduro Racer, Gary Linekerīs Hot Shot, Hard Drivin, Hypa Ball,Kikstart II, Nick Faldo Plays The Open, Pitstop, Pitstop II, Winter Olympiad & World Series Baseball

* The World Records-section is updated, including some records by myself!
* The Wanted-page is updated with more games. Please check it out! Some of the games will probably never be found :-(.

* Following Games is added:
Derby Day [Mixed Sports], Elektra Glide [Weird Sports], Grand National [Mixed Sports], Hypaball (English Version) [Weird Sports], The Last V8 [Racing Sports], Motor Mania [Racing Sports], Omni Play Horse Racing - Sport Of Kings (thanks Forrest!) [Mixed Sports], Para Assault Course [Mixed Sports], Pole Position (Datasoft) [Formula One], Rally Cross (Codemasters) [Racing Sports], Super Race [Formula One], Yie Are Kung Fu/Konami (US Release) [Fighting].
- Jack Nicklaus Expansion/Course Disks: Courses of 1989
- World Class Leaderboard Expansion/Course Disks
E-H: Firestone Country Club, Sawgrass, Royal St Georges & Banff Springs
I-L:Dorado Beach, Sunningdale, Harbour Town & Pine Ridge
The main game of World Class Leaderboard is updated with a better version. These added Course Disks is probably Family Course Disks #1&2.

* Following games is updated with better versions:
Championship Sprint, Cricket 64, Decathlon, Galactic Games, GBA Championship Basketball: Two On Two, Grand Monster Slam, International Karate, Leaderboard Executive (Now with both course A & B!), Match Day, Microprose Soccer, Olympic Skier One On One, Ping Pong, Pitstop & Pitstop II, Power Drift, Scalextric, Skate Rock, Speed King - Mastertronic, Speedball, Street Figter - European version, Stunt Car Racer & Superstar Icehockey.

And if you thought, that this was only the news, youīre wrong, there are a lot of other things to! But the list for that is just for long, and I have also forgot whatīs new. STADIUM 64 contains over 5000 different files, so maybe I have forgot to upload some of them. Please, mail me about every file that is missing!

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